5.11 Men’s A.T.A.C. Storm 8″ Side Zip Boot Review

8.3 Total Score
Comfortable, affordable, and built to last boots at a fairly reasonable price

These purpose built boots are engineered to excel in a broad range of operational environments, these boots deliver superior comfort, protection and tactical utility in a clean, professional profile

Comfort (become more comfy after having been broken in)
Cost V Quality
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Long lasting
  • Antibacterial lining
  • Oil and slip resistant
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Narrow – can hurt those with wide feet
  • Debate that they are not sized correctly
  • Front rubber near toes is prone to come loose
  • Side Zipper isn’t really effective
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5.11 Tactical Men's A.T.A.C. Storm 8" Side Zip Boot,Black,8 M US

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5.11 tactical built these tough boots to last, while maximising the comfort factor for the wearer like police or law enforcement people.

They can be used in a vast range of situations and they will most certainly perform adequately as they of a very high quality. They come with excellent traction and a waterproof but breathable membrane that make these brilliant to be listed as best police boots.

They come complete with padding to give a strong cushioning effect, allowing these boots to be worn for many hours without creating discomfort for your feet.

In addition, they look stylish and polish and resist scratches and scrapes to give an exceedingly professional feel to those who wear them. The triple stitching ensure that these boots will stay together even after regular, high intensity use.

Although priced at around $140, they incorporate many features that make spending the money worth it

Key features

These hardcore everyday boots come equipped with a huge range of different features that all compile together to make a very reliable and comfortable boot.

The rubber provides breathable stability and the full grain leather toe gives a sturdy and extremely polished appearance.

The tough outer coating also minimises the visible damage, caused by everyday use, as they are very hard to scratch.

To help keep them clean and safe to use, they come with an antibacterial lining and the triple stitching proves that these boots were built to last.

Including an injection-molded Phylon midsole, cushioned insole and non-metallic shank, these boots are designed to support you through even the toughest of days and the waterproof breathable lining keeps you cool and dry all day long.

The design and materials enhance your speed while maintaining a solid traction with the ground.

Furthermore, they come with an additional hidden pocket which gives a very practical use for the boots.

Comfort was clearly a priority when designing these boots as they were crafted with numerous layers of padding to keep your feet highly cushioned, while at the same time being exceedingly durable and long lasting

Size and Fitting

Designed by very high quality materials, these boots will snugly fit the wearer and keep your feet cool and dry. They are a full grain leather and nylon construction complete with a synthetic sole and 1200 denier cordura nylon side panels to ensure that every aspect of the boot is designed with the highest quality. Furthermore, they come with sausage laces so you can securely do them up to provide the maximum support.

Cost / Quality

Priced at about $140 these boots are worth the money since they have the benefits of being extremely long lasting and still very comfortable to wear. They are not steel toed and so can’t qualify for certain work boots but they definitely make for very sturdy, reliable boots that can be worn for a range of activities that are physically demanding. They cope well with slippery substances and provide good all round support on your heel arch and ankle. For the price that they are being sold at, the quality is very good and if you buy them, you can expect them to last for a long time.

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5.11 Tactical Men's A.T.A.C. Storm 8" Side Zip Boot,Black,8 M US, 5.11

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Sector they are suited for

Emergency service professionals – 5.11, Inc. creates products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals and sells these products under the registered trademarks, 5.11 Tactical, 5.11 Tactical Series, do you know that they comply to the required safety standards.

Everyday – They are comfortable and so can be worn for many hours over uneven grounds due to the excellent traction they provide. They are also waterproof and keep your feet cool via the breathable membrane.

Manual work – They are very heavy duty and will last for a long time even after carrying out very high levels of physical exercise daily. However, they are not fitted with a steel toe and so do not comply with the ASTM standards so you will need to check exactly what the requirements are for the field you work in if you work in a dangerous environment.

Outdoor activities – They are comfortable, waterproof and built to last and so make for excellent boots for almost any kind of outdoor activity

Insider Tips

1Even the wide size of the boots is not overly wide and so, if you have very wide feet, you might find them being tight on your feet. If you are unsure, try buying ½ a size larger and filling out the extra space with thick, woolly socks which also add insulation for warmth
2Since the boots are designed to be very waterproof, the side zip does not open all the way, due to webbing to ensure water doesn’t get in, making them very hard to get in and out of without completely untying all the laces
3These boots are not great for keeping your feet warm and it is definitely recommended to wear thick socks with them to improve the insulation as that is the one thing lacking in these otherwise excellent boots
4These boots take a long time to break in and at first you can receive blisters from them although they do eventually mould to your feet and after that, they should be extremely comfortable
5It is definitely recommended to replace the standard insoles with higher quality expensive athletic one as this improves comfort and increases the durability of the midsole.


Are these boots steel toed?

These boots are neither steel or composite toed and so are very comfortable but naturally do not comply with certain ASTM standards

Will these boots pass through a metal detector?

Yes, these boots can safely pass through a metal detector

What is the difference between 9d(m) and 9 2e?

2e is wider than 9d(m).

Are they noisy to walk in?

They are actually extremely quiet to walk around on because they are not really heavy duty.

How big is the hidden pocket?

It is big enough to store a small knife in.

In conclusion, these boots are well worth the money as they will function well for you in many different operational environments and will keep you stable, dry and cool as well as creating a barrier from pathogens for your feet. They are built to last and will last for several years, and after the initial break in session (which is longer than usual) these boots will become highly comfortable.

They have excellent traction and are very sturdy despite being very lightweight and they are most certainly not a chore to wear on your feet. You can wear them in confidence, knowing your feet will be comfortable and well supported and your risk of tripping is highly reduced by the slip resistant soles.

Their biggest flaw is that the side zip does not function properly and so they are still hard to get on and off as you have to completely rely on the laces to get your feet in and out. But all in all, these boots have many great features and are very sturdily made, ensuring that you will receive a very high quality and reliable pair of boots that can be worn for almost any outdoor activity for $140

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