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10 Best Lightweight Work Boots Of The Year

Today Work Boots is a generic term that can mean almost anything. That’s why work boot has broken the term down and added additional terms to help you find just the boot you need. Today, we are going to look at the best lightweight work boots series of selections and this covers the gamut of boots that have steel toes, composite toes, and those that are covered in leather or composites. We have found for your boots, which cover your feet with an assortment of leather, synthetics, and combinations of both.

We have also found some lightweight police boots that people, who work in the trades, as well as First Responders, will appeal to.

This will give you a wide range of boots to examine and these 10 offers you the properties you are looking for in the lightweight work boot.

These boots are ready to help you doing your job, whether you work construction outdoors, on factory floors, and in industrial environments along with those who are EMTs, police, and security people of all stripes and callings. We have omitted logging boots from this list, but if you need assistance selecting the right ones for your job, be sure to check out our top picks for logger boots.

When you are done with reading, you will be able to pick just the right type of light work boot that meets your needs, looks good, and is comfortable as well.

Few things to look for

Some factors to consider when purchasing a lightweight boot.


Lightweight without comfort is meaningless

Comfort is now considered one of the most desirable characteristics in work boots today. So, find a pair that mix synthetics or leather and a combination of other reducing factor. We have to work longer and harder in uncomfortable environments to make ends meet. This is why comfort is key to a successful work boot.

20 cm thick foam mattress is more comfortable but heavy than 5 cm thick mattress


Lightweightness depends on protection type

Protection is given in the form of an armored shell with composites today, which are taking the place of steel and make your boot lighter than you ever thought possible. Non-metallic, lightweight fiber toe caps is also a good choice


Man made materials drop the weight

Man made materials give you waterproofing and drop the weight is another desirable trait to have in your work boot. You want work boots that can withstand Mother Nature’s onslaught easily and without getting your feet wet


Lightweight synthetics

Lightweight synthetics resist oil, which is especially prevalent in the industrial today. You can slip on it anywhere. This includes hospitals, factory floors and on urban streets where it spills or leaks



Breathe-ability, you want air to circulate around your feet and keep them dry from perspiration. Your feet will stay healthier and avoid cracking, blisters, and athlete’s foot fungus


Lacing systems

Lacing systems that let you put your boots on fast and take them off quickly as well. Lugs and special hooked eyelets make this possible


Sole is important factor for weight

PU sole  is  lightweight and comfortable, on the other hand, PVC sole has good safety features. It is heavy but low on comfort. Moreover, soles that grip surfaces firmly and cushion your feet with tread designs that give you a firm stem on any ground you are walking over


Lightweight padding

You want lightweight padding around the neck and in the tongue of the boot. This is to seal the boot from moisture coming in as well as debris. It also adds to the support of the leg and ankle cuts down on the weight as well

Top 10

Top 10 Lightweight Boots

Lightweight Steel Toe Short Reviews

Lightweight Steel Toe Work Boots : Short Reviews

Wolverine Men's W08289 Wolverine steel toed Boot

Steel-toed work boots are often tiring after a hard day of work. You feet feel as if they are encased in concrete blocks. Not so, with the Wolverine steel toed boot. They are a pair of the lightest boots you’ll ever wear. An 8 to 14-hour shift goes quicker and you feel if you could dance with this boots on. They do this with their tough man-made upper and synthetic sole.

You will find yourself with more energy as they fit well and you don’t have to wear extra pairs of socks to compensate for the lack of comfort. These boots fit like a glove, your feet can breathe, and you feel more comfortable working.

They compensate for the weight of the steel toe by using synthetics that reduce the weight drastically without sacrificing durability and protection.

They are also easy to care for, as with just a brisk rub down with saddle soap or mink oil you are ready for the next day’s grind.

They will last you for years of hard work while keeping you comfortable at the same time.

Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Safety Boot

Crepe soles let you walk on slick and rough surfaces with equal ease. The steel toecap protects you on the job. The sole also cuts down on the boot’s weight and with a thinner thickness.

The boot drops additional weight, which allows for ease of walking and moving about. You get all that, along with a boot that gives you comfort and is long lasting.

Tough leather uppers go along with the complete package that resists staining, scuffing, and abrading. They will stay with you in good condition for years and take you through a long day in comfort and in style. They are quick lacing and in addition, made in the USA.

You know you have a quality pair of boots when you see the Thorogood logo displayed proudly on a boot from a company that has been crafting men’s boots since 1892.

You have a boot that is light with a 6.5-inch shaft and offers you a perfect fit. So, when you want the best boot for any job or outdoor activity you turn to the people at Thorogood and their American Heritage steeled toed work boot.

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh 6" Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

An upturned toe prevents you from stumbling on rough and uneven surfaces on the job. To cut down on weight this boot combines leather with fabric to create an upper that is tough and lightweight as well.

An upturned toe prevents you from stumbling on rough and uneven surfaces on the job. To cut down on weight this boot combines leather with fabric to create an upper that is tough and lightweight as well.

You also have a rubber sole with a heavy-duty tread that gives you a non-slip gripping action in places where oil has been spilled with no slippage or sliding.

That along with the steel toe construction ensures your safety in any work environment you will find.

Construction is demanding work and with these boots, you’ll find that their lightweight and rugged exterior is up to the task to protect your feet and at the same time lightweight comfort that makes you think, you are wearing your favorite sports shoe.

You also have a light removable insole that is easy to clean, air out, and replace with your favorite orthopedic sole to make these already comfortable boots a piece of heaven on earth

Lightweight Composite Work Boots

Lightweight Composite Work Boots : Short Reviews

Wolverine Men's Hudson W02194 Composite Work Boot

Mesh lining stops moisture build-up inside the boot for a drier and more comfortable foot. Made from real leather the upper is able to handle the scuffs and scrapes of today’s work world with ease.

A synthetic sole is there as well to ensure you having a lighter boot than with rubber along with this; a nylon shank is inserted to further reduce weight. Oil wouldn’t cause you to slip. You always have a sure surface to walk on when you are wearing your Wolverines.

A synthetic padded collar and tongue that drops the weight even more and gives you comfort to make wearing these boots a joy to wear and the 2-inch heel give you lift and cushions your feet all day long.

These are the boots you want for a great fit and get you through the day’s work and when you are done, your feet feel rested instead of dragging by day’s end. You go home relaxed and happy to enjoy time with family and friends

Magnum Men's Precision Ultra Lite II Composite-Toe Waterproof Boot

Today the world is becoming wetter as global Warming is changing the weather patterns and causing more severe storms to hit cities and coastlines. However, no matter what the weather you still have to go to work.

This means you need a work boot that is waterproof as well as lightweight to handle mud and soggy ground without slippage.

The rubber sole of this boot can deal with slick surfaces indoors as well. But, to cut weight down to the bone they’ve replaced the traditional steel toe with a composite one that in many ways better than steel. This drops the weight and increases comfort. You also still get great protection from the many perils at the job site.

This is what Magnum gives you and it throws in a membrane lining to channel sweat away from you feet as well. This drops the weight and you have comfort inside you work boot as well.

Put all of this together in a single boot gives you one of the driest, rugged, and light work boots you can buy today.

Lightweight Soft Toe Work Boots

Lightweight Soft Toe Boots Short Reviews

Golden Fox Men's Premium Soft Toe Light Weight Work Boots

Rubberlon makes up the sole of your new boot and this gives you a light boot that has cushioning while walking and wouldn’t let you slide on slick surfaces. Attached to this is full grain leather that looks good and resists what work can throw at it with ease.

Golden fox’s boot is sized larger than other name brands so check your size requirements carefully. Then you have opened the door to comfort and style in a work boot that can be worn as a casual boot has well. This combines function with comfort. You have a boot that you can wear all day while working and your feet will feel comfortable and happy to take you out for a night on the down or going out to dinner without feeling self-conscious.

But, during your workday, this boot will keep your feet warm with a lightweight synthetic mesh lining and padded collar that reduces the weight of the boot and insulates you from the cold. Add to that a light artificial wedge inner sole that gives you maximum a boot with maximum comfort and lightness while you are going about your daily tasks.

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Soft-Toe Boot

6″ shaft gives you the height you need for a functional and comfortable work boot that fits in with any job site. You have soft light padding where your feet rub and the collar is padded with a light synthetic that makes the boot lighter and supports your ankle as well.

The Pitboss has quick lacing studs to speed getting these boots on and off. Add to that a rubber sole, which is reduced a bit in thickness to further save on weight, for traction and cushions your step as you stand or walk about smooth, wet, and irregular terrain.

For addition comfort, you have light as a feather-light contour sock liner that is removable for cleaning. This makes your feet feel rested in the most difficult job and work environments. You can see when you click on its picture beside; you have lightweight, comfort, and the rugged quality that you want in your boots today.

Lightweight Tactical Boots

Lightweight Tactical Boots : Short Reviews

Under Armour Men's Tac Loadout Hunting Shoe

When you get a call out as a first responder, you need to have the right gear in your Go Bag that helps rather than hinders you. That’s where Under Armour Tactical boots come in. By replacing a leather upper with synthetics, you cut the weight down to almost nothing without reducing protection or ruggedness.

Synthetic uppers provide you with tough boots that can take all that you need if you have to go through rugged terrain to reach your goal.

In addition, its ClutchFit encapsulates each foot in a protective insulated environment that keeps them warm and dry. This makes them perfect for winter use along with their durability.

So, you now have a rugged boot that is light, comfortable, and works around the clock to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and dry. This is what you want in need for a great lightweight tactical boot.

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots

If you want lightness in either Desert Tan or Military Black, Maelstrom gives us a boot that looks like it just came home from Iraq.

It, however, is made from a combination of leather and nylon to form an upper that you can polish and is lighter than many of the other boots you can buy today. It is made for urban environments. With an oil resistant outer sole, your feet grip any surface you have to move across with ease and a sure step.

If you want to wear 8-12 hours at a time, you can do so as you have a lightweight removable insole that cushions and comforts your feet under the most trying conditions and still keeping the boot light and agile.

Therefore, if you get a call out your Go Bag has a pair of the lightest, most comfortable, and toughest boots around. They also fit just right and you can go anywhere in comfort.

Final word

The review’s conclusion

Work boots are an important part of many people’s arsenal of working clothing today. Getting the right pair of Lightweight boots can be difficult.

Today, we have shown you a variety of boots that fit in many niches. This helps you winnow through the thousands of boots available down to these 10. Ten, which can provide you with the lightness, quality, comfort, and degree of protection you want and need.

This makes them you able to do your job easier and you can be wearing a pair of these light, dependable, and protective work boots in only a few short days

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