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Best Logger Boots for Hard Ground Work

Why you need the best logger boots? You will get the answer in this video.

Moreover, logging is one of the dangerous occupation. It causes 1 deaths per 100,000 workers ( source: Wikipedia ). So boots with safety toe is recommended by logger safety tool kit. Logging Boots have been around for years. Today, even in this year, these boots are still with us. They now combine new materials along with that classic design that is what lumberjacks made famous. But, when you want protection, you’ll find that logger boots today do that along with their classic shape.

We found 10 such boots that provide you with all the amenities of the old logger boots as well as protection and comfort so that you can choose the best logger boots for you.

Most nowadays don’t work in the woods and lumberjacks are fading into oblivion. Now workers from the trades who need more grip in the sole have preempted these boots. This was once used in log rolling that let lumberjacks control logs at sawmills in the ponds that held the logs waited their turn to go into a sawmill’s flue to the great saw blades that made the boards that built American homes.

Lineman boots and logger boots

Looking for the best lineman boots?
Linemen can also wear logger boots.

Linemen also are using them. People, who need a hardy work boot that has a heavy shank to keep the sole from flexing. Flex causes pain to the soles of the feet of these men who maintain the poles stringing telephone, cable TV, and the power infrastructure of America.

Today, there are not as many linemen with cell towers replacing telephone poles and lumberjacks are finding fewer venues to ply their trade.

However, workers today have seen the qualities of these boots. They have decided they were suited for other workplaces. The logger boot now has become the work boot of choice by masons, construction workers, and carpenters.

We have gathered together 10 of the best in logger boots that epitomize the boot, highlighting their best features, and give you a selection that gives you the opportunity to find one that meets your needs and you, with a few clicks of your mouse have them sent to your home.

List of best logger or lineman boots.

Choose the best logger or lineman boots.

Before purchasing

Before purchasing a logger work boot,
there are a few things to remember.

Get a steel shank or one of a strong synthetic
Your feet need to breathe with your boot that prevents odor, chafing, and blisters
Insulation is needed for those who work in cold environments
You want quick lacing systems that allow you to get your boot cinched up quickly with the use of lugs that tighten everything to a waterproof seal
The hallmark of a great logger boot is the tread thickness of the sole, and a how reinforced the heel and toe are
Being waterproof is another goal to be achieved in a great logger boot
Meet government safety regulations and standards for electrical, oil resistant, and waterproofing
Rubber soles are desired, however, synthetics now are its equal and having a steel shank and toecap are thought to be the best for a great logger boot
Lately, however, synthetics have provided equal strength along with giving a lighter weight
Brand is, of course, another critical feature, as quality are recognized in brands like Timberline, Wolverine, Danner, Chippewa, Skechers, and Carolina boots that are just a few of names that give you the best in logger boots. Amazon has them and you can find currently them online and at a reasonable price

Chippewa Logging Boots 1 review

Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe

ASTM F2413 – 11 tells us what to expect in safety for boots and work shoes. A logger works in most uneven terrain. That’s why others want that same protection for themselves. That is why it is important to make sure your pair of logger boots meets this standard. The Chippewa not only meets them but also exceeds them.

You get a boot that is waterproof with an inner boot and has an additional liner that not only keeps your feet dry but it also lets air circulate as well.

This boot has a welt by Goodyear with a synthetic sole that combines to give you a sturdy platform to work from. It looks like a classic boot that loggers have been wearing for decades.

That means a lace up front and with quick lace lugs that lets you have a pair of boots that allow an ease of putting on and removing.

So, when you stand back at look at a total package, you have a rugged boot that has a steel toe, waterproof, and electrical hazard protection certified boot that looks good along with all of the above.

Chippewa Logging Boots Review 2

Chippewa Men’s 9-Inch Bay Apache WP Steel-Toe

Similar to the previous boot it has similar characteristics but it is non-insulated. However, at the back of the boot, you start to see the differences as it provides a more padded back support of the leg and takes a load off a stressful day at work. You can wear them for 9 or 10 hours with ease.

You get a steel toe and the quick lace feature with a 9.5 shaft and Vibram sole. This leads you to have a boot that provides a hard working and protective work boot.

Along with this, the upper is 100% leather. You have a boot that you wouldn’t mind wearing for hiking. It also a good Motorcycle boot as well. Along with that gives you an all around boot for work, leisure, and protection.

One of the great features of these boots is the fact that they are made in America and with American craftsmanship.

AdTec Men’s 9-Inch Logger Boot Review

AdTec Men’s 9-Inch Logger Boot

One of the dangers in today’s workplace is slipping and falling. This is avoided with a pair of boots that have a sole that wouldn’t slide in oil or slick surfaces.

The sole is made of rubber with a full-grain leather upper. This includes a rapid lace up system. It has a soft plain toe, but this in no way distracts from the protective qualities. This keeps your feet comfortable along with great protection as well.

If you look at the heel and the back of the ankle on this boot, you see the added support. The tread makes sure you have a non-skid sole while walking at your worksite.

An added feature is the fact that you have a leather skin. This provides that is comfortable, fits your feet, and provides you with a comfortable day at work. That is why many tradesmen turn to these boots. Not only as a great logger boot but also as one geared for day-to-day wear.

Skechers USA Men’s Cascades Logger Boot Review

Skechers USA Men’s Cascades Logger Boot

You have an oiled leather upper that looks good as well as protects your feet. These boots are lighter than other logger boots. They do not have the added weight of steel toes.

However, they are a sturdy boot. It provides you a rugged boot. You have got a different color extra set of laces. This gives you the option of the type of message you want to send with your footwear.

So, along with style you also have comfort as well. The boots have a soft inner leather lining. They will give you a boot; you can stand, work, and walk in easily. You often stay in one position for hours. Masons, bricklayers, and those doing drywall or sheetrock as well as working on an assembly line.

The Cascades Logger Boot provides you with a boot that you can wear virtually anywhere as a casual boot or as a rugged work boot as well. This boot can bridge both worlds in style and comfort.

Georgia Boot

Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot Review

Georgia is famous for men who know hard work. This boot is using the name of the state reminds you of how tough these boots are. The uppers are made from 100% leather. This boot resists wear and provide a solid protective skin over your feet when working.

They are waterproof and with their quick lace up ability, they seal fast and sure putting them on. They also further armor your feet. They have a steel toecap, which prevents harm to your feet.

That then gives you a solid work surface to work in. No matter what type of work you are doing. A boot made for the trades, industrial, and yes, even in the deep woods where logger boots originally got their start.

You will notice you have a rubber sole as well. This then provides you with a non-slip gripping surface. One that lets you walk on slick wet surfaces without fear of losing your footing. You have the traction you need while moving heavy objects.

Danner Men’s Quarry

Danner Men’s Quarry Logger GTX Work Boot

This logger boot is one that keeps your feet feeling great. Even after long hours working outdoors or on a factory floor. You can see that in a comfortable inner sole. A tough Vibram outer sole grips the ground and without slipping on wet surfaces.

You have a full 10″ of support that supports your ankles and legs. It adds strength while protecting your shins as well.

They lace up from the front and at the top provide a rapid lace up to the top with lugs. The boot has lugs that wouldn’t tarnish or corrode in the workplace. Your boots have a plain toe. The boot’s surface wouldn’t wear as it is designed to resist scuffs and abrasion.

However, the key element, besides protection and support, is the comfort they provide you, the wearer.

Though these boots are made in China, their sizes are right on and you will find they mold to your feet with ease.

Wolverine Men’s Buckeye

Wolverine Men’s Buckeye EAA Safety-Toe EH 8″
Logger Work Boot

GORE-TEX provides excellent insulation. It forms a protective shield for your feet. But, the boot’s upper is real leather. Melded with that is al rubber sole bonded to the bottom of the boot.

You then have a steel toe logger boot that will protect your feet from injury.

Falling weights and obstructions wouldn’t bother you as you work.

Then add to all that is their ability to resist wetness and keep your feet dry from wet workplaces and sweat as well.

A bit large they provide room for you to wear your favorite woolen socks. This provides additional padding and comfort. This makes them the kind of boots that other wish they could emulate.

You have an EEA rated boot. One that has all the amenities you could care to have in a logger boot. You will especially love the waterproofing that keeps your feet dry and cool.

Timberland PRO Men’s Rip Saw

Timberland PRO Men’s Rip Saw
Composite-Toe Logger Work Boot

This is the true example of the value of what a composite boot can give you. The upper is ready to protect your feet from injury. A special puncture shield stops entry of foreign objects through the sole. It laces up fast as well with speed lugs that help the process.

You get a leather upper that is the secret to the boot’s ability to breathe and keep your feet cool. The Rip Saw boot saves your feet from chafing, sweat, and blisters.

You get a boot that will let you work in mud, concrete, and slick work areas. Places that stop other work boots. The 2″ heel with a gripping tread gives you a pair of boots, which lets you, work comfortably and safely in any environment.

However, they give you comfort. With this, you have all-around protection as well. So, this boot balances practically and protection. Add to that is a comfort to go along with all the practicality.

Carolina Men’s 8″ Waterproof

Carolina Men’s 8″ Waterproof Insulated
Soft Toe Logger Boot

Thinsulate is one of the miracle materials used in boots and clothing. This pair of boots has 600g of this insulator and keeps your feet warm in cold environments.

A steel shank and a one-piece lug sole give you a total package of protection. You a pair of boots that are superior to those you see on the market today. It also reflects how much the Chinese manufacturing processes have come up in the world. Letting you get a logger boot that has quality and at an economical price.

The boots then provide you with a waterproof work boot. One that keeps your feet dry no matter what kind of work site.

They also protect you from electrical hazards while working in a construction or industrial site.

This all works in harmony to provide you with a pair of boots, which deliver protection, comfort and adheres to industrial requirements.

Justin Original Work Boots

Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Jmax
Logger Steel TE Steel Toed Work Shoe

If you want the original work boot, you have one now that is waterproof, you have a higher heel made with a 100% leather upper. You see a boot that has a quick lace up system. The boot has a sole that is gripping giving boot designed for protection and comfort. You can work 12 hours straight. Your feet will still feel great at shift’s end.

So, you have a work boot that provides unbelievable comfort, protection, and the support you want while working.

The bottom line is that you need a great work boot and you want the amenities, which include sturdy construction, waterproofing, and safety to go with everything else.

Comfort comes along with protection. Logger boots do this with style and panache. They make standing effortless. These boots breathe. They keep your feet dry. Perspiration and the work environment wouldn’t affect your feet. Your feet stay rested and happy inside these boots



Why are some logger boots equipped with a kiltie?

In the logging industry, a kiltie is a strip of leather or rope that attaches to the front part of the boot and is used in order to help keep dirt, bark, moss and other debris out of your boots. A logger will typically have this piece on from heel to toe. The vernacular term for this feature among loggers is called “a bypass”, which refers to movable lacing that runs around the ankle creating a way to tighten up lower parts of their shoe.
Kilties have been an important workwear accessory since at least the turn-of-the 20th century. Today they are specially designed by many shoe manufacturers with additions that make them more functional than just decoration such as grips

Why are the best logger boots so high-heeled?

Best logger boot heels were created to provide more ankle coverage for all-day work on rough and uneven terrain. When dropped or stepping on an irregular surface with a shifting center of gravity, the heel absorbs some of the impact, which is especially important during extended seasons in and out of logging trucks. People wear them for a variety of reasons, including protection against over-pronation (a bony deformity) and toe problems such as black-toe syndrome. Furthermore, many women find that having elevated toes helps keep pressure off the ball of their foot when walking for long periods of time on hard surfaces, which increases comfort significantly for those who suffer from lower extremity conditions like hammer toes or claw feet.

Final words

Final words

You’ve just taken a whirlwind tour of the world of logger boots. You have seen 10 of the best. You can now pick the pair of boots that meet your requirements and have comfort as well.

You can now click on the pair that gives you comfort and protection. We have provided you with the key elements of each. This helps simplify your selection. We hope you enjoy your purchase. You will discover just how long they will last for you as well.

Logger boots provide you with support, protection, and comfort. You have seen the best you can find on the net today. Amazon can get them to your home in just a few days. Now the rest is up to you to make your final choice.

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