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We’ve tackled the various types of police boots. Now, we look at the brands that have been the top picks of police officers.

Under Armour Police Boots

This brand began with a moisture-wicking shirt design. Since then, Under Armour has served police officers and military professionals too.

The brand focuses on comfort, stealth, and speed. Their police boots are light and designed to prevent perspiration. Also, all Under Armour police boots have anti-slip, shock-absorbing and speed-enhancing features.

Danner Police Boots

Charles Danner founded this brand in 1932 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Since then, military and law enforcement workers alike have relied on Danner boots.

Danner makes boots with waterproof Gore-Tex lining and tough full-grain leather. Also, the stitching method ensures the best stability. Despite the high cost of Danner police boots, the quality justifies it.

5.11 ATAC

The FBI Training Academy has relied on this brand’s training pants since 1992. Since then, 5.11 has also created boots for law enforcers. Known as the ATAC (Advanced Tactical Air Command) line, these tactical boots offer excellent comfort along with a sleek design.

5.11 ATAC boots have oil-resistant outsoles, a cushioned insole, and full grain leather. Likewise, these boots have a hidden pocket and the 5.11 Shock Mitigation System.

Bates Police Boots

Bates first manufactured dress shoes for the United States Navy back in the 1960s. Since then, the brand has made further advancements on military and police boots.

The brand uses Gore-Tex technology to keep their boots breathable and water-resistant. Bates police boots are also resistant to wear and tear. These boots are so reliable uniformed personnel in 80 countries use them.

Red Wing Police Boots

This list wouldn’t be complete without Red Wing. For more than 100 years, Red Wing has made high-quality work boots. Instead of ordinary leather, the brand uses exclusive leather from the S.B Foot Tannery. As for the outsoles, they are resistant to slipping, oil, chemicals, abrasion, and heat.

Oakley Police Boots

Oakley is primarily known for its sunglasses. Still, the brand also makes patrol boots for police officers. These boots are light yet tough enough to protect your feet from dirt and rock.

Likewise, Oakley uses a high-cut boot design. Combined with a rugged outsole, the police boots become stable on any terrain.

Rocky Police Boots

Established back in 1932, Rocky is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and law enforcement officers. The tactical police boots come in different styles and colors.

Also, they are light and sturdy thanks to the triple stitching method. Rocky even hires military personnel to test their boots.

Magnum Police Boots

This brand has a line of boots known as Stealth Force boots. All materials used are durable and light for quick mobility. Second, the outsoles provide the most traction.

Third, Magnum uses a side-zip feature for convenient access. These police boots have the Ion Mask technology to stay waterproof and chemical resistant.

Timberland Police Boots

Look for the Pro Valor line of boots from Timberland if you are a police officer. Created in 2008, the Pro Valor series has since served police and public safety officials. A heavy-duty shank provides ample arch support. Also, Timberland employs the Brake Support Flex Propel (BSFP) system to enhance comfort.

Chippewa Police Motorcycle Boots

Established back in 1901, Chippewa has manufactured both casual boots and work boots. Men and women alike attest to the quality of their work boots.

The motorcycle boots are tough and feature leather uppers. Moreover, this leather is oiled and waxed to keep it waterproof and good-looking. To stop bad odor, Chippewa also uses Texon anti-microbial insoles.

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