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Best Womens Work Boots – Reviews, Buying Guide And Tips

Women have different needs when it comes to a women work boots. So finding the Best women’s work boots is highly dependable on their needs.

Women have made great strides in the last few years when it comes to jobs. The construction trades which were once the sole domain of men is now open to women, and they are doing work now on construction sites ranging from the recently opened Trump Presidential Hotel in Washington DC as well as towering skyscrapers going up across the nation.

But, to be able to do this type of work whether for these gigantic projects or the local contractor doing home renovations. A woman today needs a work boot designed to protect her feet, provide a gripping surface to prevent slips and provide ankle support.

Besides, they must also be comfortable for long hours of being worn and finally they should also show that while they are designed for heavy work they should reflect a women’s famine side as well.

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List Of Best Work Boots For Women

Some considerations

Some considerations you need to
look for in a good woman’s work boot

Before purchasing a pair of work boots, you need to consider some factors


The first is of course quality. The best way to ensure this is to stick with buying your work boots from a brand name known for their workmanship, materials, comfort, and fit.

Best fit:

Fit is probably the next important consideration as this prevents injury to the heels, sides, and toes through friction and pressure. This also means you need to also consider buying a work boot that is slightly larger than your street or sports shoes as you will want to accommodate heavy-duty socks to provide additional padding and absorb perspiration.

Steel toe

Then you will want to consider making sure your work boots has a steel toe to protect your feet from heavy objects falling on them

Steel shank

If possible, get a steel shank that runs the length of the sole of your shoe to provide rigidity and protection against stepping on sharp objects that often litter a work or construction site

Thick heavy sole

With the above, have a thick heavy sole to provide gripping and traction on slick or uneven surfaces

Ease of cleaning: 

The upper of your work boot should be made from materials that breathe and lets air circulate to help cool and remove perspiration. Along with this, it needs to be waterproof and stain resistant as well to allow for ease of cleaning.

Support your ankle

At the ankle, the work boot needs to support your ankle and prevent sprains and twists

Cinch up tight

Finally, your work boot should cinch up tight to prevent it being pulled off when walking through muck and mud that is part and parcel to worksites.

Taking these things in mind ensure you a work boot that fits well, gives support, and comfort along with safety for your feet from the perils to them that abound where you will be working.

Timberland PRO Women’s Titan

Timberland PRO Women’s Titan
Most comfortable women’s work boots

Not only great for construction work but also they are a universal work boot that can do any job that requires heavy work. For example, for working around animals such as horses, your feet are comfortable, and they last a long time under the most rugged conditions imaginable.

They also look good on you, resist stains, and water as well. Therefore, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor work.

They offer support as well and when cinched up would slip off no matter what. These are the work boots you want working on a construction site or places where the going gets tough. They have a fiberglass shank that protects your feet from punctures.

So, when you need a work boot that wouldn’t quit turn to Timberland.

Forever Womens Broadway-3 Lace-up

Forever Womens Broadway-3 Lace-up

A padded collar provides protection from debris entering and adds extra comfort in a work boot that is made for a woman’s special needs.

They are perfect for hiking and working in the field as they provide protection and comfort combined.

So if you work outdoors and with animals like dogs or horses, these are the boot you need. They also fill the bill if you are going places where it is going to rain a lot or work in an environment that water is present. Your feet stay dry and wouldn’t be blistered. This also means for a person that works standing up all day you have a pair of work boots that can go the distance and do it in style ad with a bit of panache as well.

You can work in the yard and then dash off for a quick shopping trip. In addition, you’ll not be afraid to wear them out to casual events like picnics, carnivals, and walking down streets south of the border looking for bargains.

Avenger Work Boots Framer A7125

Avenger Work Boots
Framer A7125 Womens Steel Toe

When you need protection, a steel toe is what you want. You also need a non-skid sole that will provide traction and handle water and oil easily. They make a great work boot and working in the field as well.

However, go up a half size for comfort.

They will keep you dry in up to 4 inches in water without a complaint. You can work in the hot sun and your feet will stay comfortable as well.

These are one of the best boots ever and you will be amazed at the comfort you will derive from them even after working 8-10 hours a day. When you are doing shift work or on concrete floors, these are the work boots you want on your feet.

If you wear padded socks as well, you can almost go dancing in them with ease as for how comfortable your feet will feel.

You now have a great for indoor or outdoor work in industry or in the field.

Caterpillar Womens Echo Wp St

Caterpillar Womens Echo Wp St

Caterpillar gives you women a work boot that is ASTM certified for steel toe and Electrical hazard work as well. These women work boots are not beautiful. They are, however, made for comfort and rugged work. That’s what you want working at a plant or on the industrial floor.

100% waterproof as well that gives you an additional reason to want a pair of these when you have to work outdoors at a wet worksite and in places where water is an occupational reality of life.

Your feet stay dry and no more compression blisters as a result. They are a bit on the heavy side. However, the comfort and protection are worth it to wear something that weighs in like your average ski boot.

Comfort is a priory along with maximum protection. This is exactly what this work boot offers the women no matter their work environment. From a factory floor to working with livestock on a ranch or farm, you have it all in one boot that meets almost every hazard to be found in today’s work a day world.

SafetyGirl Steel Toe WaterProof

SafetyGirl Steel Toe WaterProof
Womens Work Boot Review

You can proclaim your femininity as well as protect your feet while working with this offering from SafetyGirl. In addition, you get waterproofing and a work boot that is rugged and durable. You get quality at an affordable price.

They are steel toed to conform to industrial safety requirements (Not ATSM certified though) and remember if you buy a pair in a half up a size you get all the comfort you could want.

These boots are a blatant challenge to a male dominated workplace and you can flaunt your style, color sense, and panache in an otherwise dull and monotone boring worksite. If you work a 40-60 hour workweek, you’ll find you can do so and not wear out your feet in the process.

They protect your feet and let you do so in style this pair of work boots from SafetyGirl.

Skechers for Work Womens Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot

Skechers for Work Womens
Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boot

For the woman who demands quality, strength, comfort, and protection here you will find it with Skechers’ 76561 steel toe work boot. They meet and exceed the ASTM standard that means you are protected no matter the work environment you are in. They have a padded collar that gives comfort as well as prevents the outside from getting inside.

The memory foam lining makes the inside of the boot conform to the shape of your foot and provides padding to keep your feet from getting tired during an 8-12 hour stint in them. You can work with horses, fowl, and other livestock with no fear of moisture or staining. If you work on a construction site you will find that they stand up to the rigors of work found there.

However, they also shine on a factory floor as you are either skittering about in a hurry or standing in one place for hours at a time. This boot is adaptable to you needs and keeps your feet safe as well as healthy as they let air in to circulate sweat away to prevent blistering.

Though not recommended for dancing they make your feel light and that will bring a smile to your face as your work.

Final World

Work boots are mandatory in many workplaces today. It used to often be difficult to find a women work boot that met the ATSM standards, was comfortable, and fitted a women’s foot, which is shaped smaller and differently from a man’s.

Today , you’ve seen 10 of the best and in styles and different types that meet the need for outdoors, factory, and any other work conditions you have need of a quality work boot for.

Now all you have to do is select the one that fits your needs and you can even find them that reflect your sense of style and show your feminine side as well without sacrificing safety, security, and comfort in the process.

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