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Different Types of Police Boots

After reviewing top 10 police boots, let’s look at the different types of boots police officers will use. All are designed to support law enforcement workers in different situations.

For People Training at the Police Academy

Police academy boots are specifically designed to keep the trainees safe. These will protect them from injuries while performing various obstacles. The feet can get swollen after training hard, so these academy boots have a perfect and snug fit.

Also, they have ankle protection and stabilizing properties. Other features included are slip resistance and a convenient lacing system.

For Men and Women

Work boots can be divided into two: men’s police boots and women’s police boots. You see, men and women do have differences that need to be addressed when it comes to work boot design. Their ankles, calves, and feet are proportionally dissimilar.

For example, the forefront of a woman’s feet will be wider. When a woman wears a pair of men’s police boots, it can fit well around the widest section of her feet. Yet, these boots will also have more space in the toe box than women’s feet can occupy. Due to this extra space, women will have issues going up or down slopes.

On average, women have smaller and narrower heels than men. If women wore men’s police boots, the unoccupied space in the heel area will be troublesome. Friction will occur with each movement and eventually lead to painful blisters.

For Stability and Mobility

When law enforcement officers are out on duty, they can use police patrol boots or police motorcycle boots. If you will be out on unstable terrain, you need patrol boots. These are light and promote more flexibility and traction. Thus, you can take quick turns with ease.

Also, police patrol boots feature enough shock absorption. This will keep your feet comfortable even as you run and jump on rough terrain.

Motorcycle boots are specifically made for using the particular vehicle. These also offer ample stability. They do not get damaged fast to constant exposure to asphalt and gravel. Likewise, they are resistant to heat. This protects you not just from the hot weather but also from the heat of the idle motorcycle engine.

Cowboy Style and Color Differences

It might seem like there’s nothing wrong with using police cowboy boots. But, a certain incident back in 2007 in Trenton City, Florida, led to the ban of these boots for police use. Due to the smooth soles of cowboy boots, a police officer was unable to hit the car brakes in time. This led to him crashing the car into a convenience store.

Still, police officers do have a choice in terms of the color of their boots. Some officers prefer brown police boots while others are loyal to their black leather police boots.

Brown boots are more common for police officers situated in the outdoors. The color works well if you had to go hiking. Also, they are rust-proof and well-suited for damp environments.

As for black leather police boots, the color is bold and more commonly associated with police officers than brown. They have full-grain leather for exceptional sturdiness. Also, the outsoles are oil-resistant and water-resistant. With the right shine, you can use this to attend events and parades.

For Formal Events and Cold Weather

Speaking of polishing black leather police boots, officers typically use high gloss police boots to look good in events. After all, they must look professional and classy. Aside from the shiny appearance, these police boots are comfortable to wear. This is good as police officers can walk for hours during a parade.

Police officers stationed in areas prone to snow or rain need waterproof police boots. While a lot of boots are waterproof, not all can deal with frostbite and trench foot. To ensure the greatest protection against these problems, manufacturers use Gore-Tex.

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