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How Much Does It Cost To Resole Boots? Discover What You Need To Know On Here!

Are the soles of your favourite boots still showing wear and tear? Realizing that your favourite boots have already past their prime can be annoying. But if you don’t feel like replacing them, we have some great news for you. You could resole them, but how much does will it cost to resole boots? Well, in this article you will find the necessary information of resoling your favourite boots, including how much it would cost. Read on and enjoy.

When To Replace Your boots soles.

No doubt that we do care for our boots, there must be a time that the soles will give up. Leather boots last, but no matter how much care we give to our leather boots, the soles will wear-out as time goes by.

The reason for this is that it is always in contact with the floor and also exposed to the friction produced while trekking or running. It’s crucial to note that you need to have your damaged soles replaced before it gets totally worn out — we’re pretty sure you know what that means.

The good news is, this post is going to explore several different ways to find out when your soles need replacement. Let’s get to it!


Press your thumb into the centre of the sole of your boots. If you sense that the sole is already spongy or weak, then you need to change that sole of yours.


Take a good look at the bottom of your boots. If there is a soft circular spot that has developed at the bottom, you definitely need to replace it.


Take a perfect look at the edge of your boots, at that layer where the welt and sole meet. If this part show any uneven wearing that is caused by pronation, well again, this is another sign that shows your sole has to be replaced.

How Much Does It Cost To Resole Boots?

If your boots show any signs that we have mentioned earlier, then it is high time you have them resoled immediately. But the main question is how much does it cost to resole boots?

Before we answer that, you always understand that you have two options it is either you do it yourself or acquire the service of any commercial boot repair company. Your choice will determine how much resoling your boots will cost.

Having said that, The Cost To Resole Boots depend on the nature of the cobbler, the location, the shoe repair shop and their reputation. So answer isnt straightforward. Although I’ll try as much I can to provide you with as much information so to get the perfect idea about boot resoling costing.

Costs to resole your cowboy boots:

In case your beautiful cowboy boots require full leather resoling, it will cost you about seventy USD to 95 USD

Church’s shoe shop in the Detroit City charges 75 dollars for their services, which isn’t done on the premises.

The DC Aldean shoe shop on K Street charge 125 USD for Alden’s services for restoration which often involves resoling and some other checkups, repairs and refurbishments as required by the respective boots, this is all done in the Alden’s factory in New England.

These charges are quite reasonable when you are speaking about giving new life to your shoes or boots that cost over 250 USD, and sometimes even more when it’s brand new.

If for whatever reason you are committed to buying and wearing less expensive, and non-descriptive boots such as the kind you could find at Marshall’s or Syms (by the way it’s still cool), I’ll advise you toss them away as they wear down and get some brand new ones.

What Boots Could Be Resoled?

You should take into consideration what shoes require resoling and which do not for instance. An invisible stitching does not mean that they are glued soles, but if they are the cheaper shoes they might be and these kinds of boots do not or are not worth resoling.

Boots made with Goodyear welts which have a row of visible stitches around the sole a times could readily be resoled.

Doing It Yourself

Boots are relatively straightforward to fix on your own. Most boots use hobnails or boot glue to join the sole effectively. So, it is a matter of finding your matching size and tacking these little nails or using a boot glue.

Cost involved
A sole replacement kit cost around $24.99 a pair which is much affordable than buying a new one. You just need a hammer or something you can safely hit it with, and you are good.


you can use boot heel plates to prolong the lifespan of your boot sole. It is easier to replace heel plates when they get bad.

Rubber boots are harder to resole as its soles are stitched to the boot. Doing it yourself may require more effort, and it is time-consuming.

The downside of this is, it usually costs around $50-$150 dollars, depending on the kind of sole your boots needs, but it certainly is worth it if you are restoring your favourite boots!


Some signs will tell you when your sole needs replacement. If your favourite boots have shown any signs as mentioned before, you will definitely want to get that beloved boot replaced. One of the best options is to get your boots resoled.

It is evident that “doing it yourself” is a more affordable option, kindly note that aside from the cost other factors must be considered before choosing the “do it yourself” route.

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