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Red Wing Boots Review: The Brand’s 5 Best & Most Popular Collections

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Red Wing offers a lot of boot styles that are appealing and durable. Here, we look at five of the brand’s most famous and reliable collections.


Red Wing 1907

red wing 1907

A big influence on the Red Wing 1907 boots are the moccasins that North American Algonquin Indians wore. Red Wing was inspired by how the Indians designed these shoes. Thus, the Red Wing 1907 Classic Moe Toe boots have a stitching shaped like a crescent on the toe area. The brand made this way back in the 1950s for athletes. However, even farmers and factory workers liked wearing the moc toe boots.


The Red Wing 1907 boots measure six inches from the arch for ample arch support. Also, Red Wing uses Rough & Tough leather alongside Traction Tred rubber outsoles. As the name implies, this type of outsole provides ample stability on various surfaces. Mud is quickly removed and the underfoot gets enough cushioning.

Likewise, the Red Wing 1907 has a Norwegian-like welt along with leather laces. Triple stitch construction is utilized. Another way to identify a Red Wing 1907 boo is by looking at the profile of the sole. It has a low profile compared to the heavy-duty work boots Red Wing makes.


Red Wing Iron Ranger

Red Wing Iron Ranger

The Mesabi Range of Minnesota has a long history of iron mining. Here, miners had to work long days in harsh terrain. Of course, these workers needed boots that were sturdy yet comfortable. As a response, Red Wing made boots using thick leather, oil-resistant outsoles, speed hooks, and cushioning cork midsoles.

However, what made the Iron Ranger boots iconic was the double-layered toe cap. This provided sufficient protection to the miners’ feet as they worked hard and used machines. Now, the Iron Ranger is proud of its roots in the iron mines of Minnesota.


These boots have 6-inch arch measurements. It has speed hooks, triple-stitching, and Goodyear welt construction for optimal durability. Some styles of the Red Wing Iron Ranger Collection feature bronze hardware while others have chrome hardware.

Most Iron Ranger styles have the double-layered toe cap for reliable protection. There is also a leather heel pocket and a Vibram 430 mini-lug outsole for enough traction on wet surfaces. Lastly, various premium leathers such as Amber Harness leather and Oxblood Mesa leather are used for Red Wing Iron Ranger boots.


Red Wing Beckman

Red Wing Beckman

The Beckman Collection traces its roots to the founder of Red Wing itself. The 17-year-old Charles Beckman came to the United States from Germany in the 19th century. He arrived at Red Wing and worked at a leather factory.

As time passed by, Beckman became more interested in the process of shoemaking. He opened his own shoe store in 1883, but this wasn’t enough. In 1905, he launched the Red Wing Shoe Company along with 14 investors. As a tribute, the company made the Beckman Collection.


The Beckman Collection uses various premium leathers. These include Cigar Featherstone leather, Black Cherry Featherstone leather, and Black Featherstone leather.

The boots have a 5.5-inch shaft and the heel measures around 1.25 inches. Also, the Red Wing Beckman Collection has black eyelets and a leather insole. The boots use Roccia outsoles and 48-inch black flat waxed laces. Similar to the Iron Ranger, this is also durable due to the Goodyear welt construction.


Red Wing Blacksmith

Red Wing Blacksmith

The Red Wing Blacksmith Collection was meant for farmers and blacksmiths alike back in the day. These workers needed a pair of boots that are sturdy and comfortable. Also, they wanted boots that can be easily cleaned and polished as they relax with friends in towns.


The six-inch Blacksmith boots are tall enough to protect workers from cinders coming out of the forge. Also, they are designed to stop snow and dirt from entering. The Blacksmith Collection features clean lines and a minimalist construction.

Red Wing uses premium leathers such as Black Spitfire leather and Briar Oil Slick leather. There are steel shanks, dull gilt hooks, leather insoles, and a Vibram 430 Mini-lug for traction. As for the laces, you could pick between 48-inch brown flat waxed laces and 36-inch black flat waxed laces.


Red Wing Chukka

Red Wing Chukka

Back in the 1950s, police officers and postal workers had to walk for hours do their work. By 1954, the Red Wing Shoe Company made them comfortable with the introduction of the No. 101 boots. This style was a tough and black oxford with an insole that molded well around the wearer’s feet.

Police officers and postal workers could polish these boots to stay neat with their uniforms. This design inspired the Red Wing Chukka Postman. This need from workers for good boots helped in the creation of the other Chukka styles.


There are 11 available Red Wing Chukka boot styles. They are divided into four: the Weekender, Foreman, Classic, and the Postman.

The Weekender Chukka boots are designed to be light and comfortable. They are made of durable leather that comes from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company. On the other hand, the Foreman Chukka boots have a simple leather design and a sturdy neoprene sole.

Third, the Classic Chukka boots are meant for indoor work. These boots have pliable and non-marking soles so wearers can bend and climb with ease. Lastly, the Postman chukka boots offer a wedge outsole for an iconic appearance.

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