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Red Wing Boots Warranty: Everything You Need To Know

Redwing boots are some of the best out there, but they also come with a hefty price tag. If you’re going to commit to spending that much money on footwear, it’s important that your investment lasts for as long as possible. That is where red wing boots warranty comes in handy! This article will help you understand what red wing boot warranties cover and how you can make sure yours never expires.

What is the warranty on red wing boots?

Red Wing branded footwear products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. If a defect occurs in a product within the first 12 months as the result of normal wear, Red Wing will repair or replace it at its discretion. You are not eligible for a replacement or refund if your footwear suffers damage due to excessive wear. This warranty is available only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. You must return your shoes back to the store of purchase with the original receipt in order for adjustments to be made.

30 days unconditional comfort guarantee

Redwing boots offer a 30 day unconditional comfort guarantee. If you are unhappy with the way your redwings feel after wearing them for at least 12 hours, contact customer service and they’ll get you set up with an exchange or refund.

 How can I find out if my redwing boots are under warranty?

The red wing company will test your boots for any manufacturing problems before sending them to you, so if you have new redwing shoes and they’re not working as well as they used to, it may be because of a defect. When in doubt about the warranty on your boot, contact customer service directly by phone or email.

Can I send in a photo of my redwing boot to see if it’s under warranty?

Yes, redwing is always happy to help their customers. If you’re not sure about the warranty on your redwings, send them a photo of it and they’ll let you know whether or not its under warranty.

Red Wing return policy without receipt?

Redwing only grants refunds for red wing boots with a valid receipt. If you don’t have your original receipt, redwings will issue store credit instead of a refund.

Can I take my redwing shoes to get resoled?

Yes! Red wing offers their own in house repair service that is available at all redwing store.

Can I return used Red Wing Boots?

You can’t return a used Red Wing boot. But you can upgrade them to new ones, this time in brown!

It’s not uncommon for an icon or cultural touchstone to undergo a redesign process. The latest example of this is the American-made and iconic Red Wing riveted boots that have been rebranded in brown leather instead of black. However, you can’t return these boots after they’ve been worn – because that’s just gross – so it might be best to get your hands on some new ones rather than trying to save a few bucks buying a used pair from someone else who may try and pass them off as brand new. And if there’s one other thing worth mentioning: never pay what they’re charging at

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