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Red wing mink oil : A must have

If you have leather and no red wing mink oil, you’re wrong.

Of course, you may have leather products without the use of mink oil, but that ownership would be like having a piece of bread before the invention of peanut butter. If it’s your first time using anything to spruce up leather, and you will be impressed by this red wing mink oil

Safe leather treatment

If you are looking for a safe leather treatment that is clear and would not alter the colour of your shoe, you can use red wing mink oil.

Has a pleasant scent

It looks like an oily gel that melts in leather when rubbing it has a pleasant scent. Red Wing changed the formula a little bit because the Mink Oil has a different smell. Not a bad smell, just different than before.

When getting oily?

It can get oily if you put too much of it. If leather is waxy, this oil doesn’t penetrate deep, but if the leather is soft and dried it saturate its colour.

Helps hydrate and waterproof

This product also helps hydrate and waterproof the boots.  It also creates a hydrophobic barrier. Works on all leather colours.

Restores colour immediately

The mink oil did darken the shoes a small amount, but they are slowly lightening back to the original colour especially in the areas that the leather is flexing. The darker colour is not bad, the shoes look great in the dark or med shade of brown, so it’s not a negative for all, but something for you to know

This has the consistency of a semi-soft wax that you brush into your leather. It hydrates and restores colour immediately. Your faded boots will regain its rich brown lustre within a few seconds of applying the oil.

It doesn’t seem to change the colour albeit only slightly darker because the oil is moisturizing the leather but it will lighten back up. Works well and smells good!

It darkens brown leather, so brown boots that look tan and worn will be brown again, black boots it will do nothing to the colour only shine and hydrated.

Help to break-in

Perfect for breaking in new boots. Helps the leather to stretch a little easier. Put a few coats on and your boots will break in a little faster. 


As darkens them up a little so beware if you like the colour of your boots you’ll wanna go with a conditioner instead.

How to apply mink oil to red wing boots ( red wing mink oil instructions )

Saddle soap first to clean off and buff the initial surface scratches, dirt, and wrinkles, then applied this oil, you see the difference!

When you rub it in, you will see an immediate improvement in the suppleness of the leather and a real improvement in water protection.

You can apply this product using a cut-up kitchen sponge working it into the leather and especially getting it into the seams. To finish both shoes it will take about 15 – 20 min. You don’t use very much of the product, so one jar should last quite a long time, probably the life of the shoe if you treat them once every 3 months, but that depends on how hard you are on the shoe.

Application is very simple, as this is a thicker paste. You can also prefer doing so by hand. Quickly rub the pad of your thumb in circles along the product surface to emulsify it a bit, and work it into the leather. Wait a little while for absorption, then wipe off the excess that isn’t absorbed with a clean cloth. Brush for a bit of shine if desired. It’s not a polish, but you can pull a bit of a sheen out of it with enough brushing. Without that extra elbow grease, you’re simply left with the same shine (or lack thereof) before you started, except now your leather is well-quenched and waterproofed.

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