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The Irish Setter Men’s 83901 Wellington Work Boot Review

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Irish Setter Work Boots Designed for Comfort and Durability

Cost vs Quality

The Irish Setter Men’s 83901 Wellington Work Boot is made of waterproof leather and are safe from Electrical hazard (to ASTM standards).

It is non-metallic with a soft toe, designed for comfort and durability rather than being able to protect your foot from sharp or falling objects completely.

Polyurethane footbed- remove to gain more comfort

However, it has the feature of a Removable Polyurethane Footbed which means that it can protect your foot from light penetration but is not guaranteed by ASTM. So it should not be used around heavy machinery.

The Removable Polyurethane Foot-Bed can be removed to make it lighter if it is not needed.

Safe to wear in slippery conditions

It has a rubber Comfort Trek Sole which ensures that it is slip resistant and they are safe to wear in slippery conditions. They are not suited for cut protection (i.e. chainsaw usage).

Very inflexible heel

It has a very inflexible heel, providing lots of support if you work in a situation where ankle spraining is a risk.

Chemicals resistance

They are not confirmed to have protection from strong chemicals that you may encounter in the workplace.

Heat resistance

These boots are not able to withstand very intense temperatures although their thick trout brook leather allows them to protect against minor irritant substances. Its mention worthy that they are pull-on boots and do not have fastenings.

To conclude, these boots are optimum for those working long hours in need of waterproof, comfortable, supportive and electrically safe shoes.

They offer reliable all round protection for general circumstances, but if operating extremely heavy or dangerous machinery, you will need to look for slightly tougher steel toe boots.

Which Sector are these boots optimum for?

Very water resistant so are suitable for the outdoor weather, supportive for crossing uneven terrain, comfortable and can be worn for hours at a time when out on the fields.

Will protect your feet from small sharp falling objects (i.e. knives) and are water resistant so you will not burn your fee should you pour boiling water on them.

Foot Protection Performance:

Toe Impact Rating: N/A
Metatarsal Protection: Aluminium Toe
Puncture/Penetration of Footwear Bottoms: Has a removable Polyurethane Foot-Bed
Midsole penetration protection: Tough and will protect against everyday sharp objects but not dangerous machinery
Electric Shock: ASTM standard approved
Electrical conduction: Does not conduct
Static Dissipation / Antistatic Protection: No
Dielectric Insulation: Rubber Sole
Energy Absorption: No
Water Resistant Upper (WRU): Defined as ‘UltraDry.’
Heat Resistant (HRO): Not able to withstand intense heats
Insulation Against Cold (Cl): Insulates against relatively cold conditions but not ASTM Standard
Insulation Against Heat (Hl): Insulates against relatively hot conditions but not ASTM Standard

Other Considerations

Slip Resistant

Comfort Trek Sole which ensures that it is slip resistant

Ankle Protection

Very inflexible ankle and so offers excellent protection

Chemical Permeability

Not ensured by ASTM to protect against most hazardous of chemicals though will block minor spillages.

Biological Agents

They are not disposable shoes or compatible with special disinfectants

Best Fit

Upper: USA Made Full Grain, Waterproof, and Brown Abrasion Resistant Nylon
Lining: Combat Super Knit
Toe area: Foot Shaped with space for feet, non-metallic
Insole: Removable Polyurethane
Heel: Heel-Moulded
Sole: Rubber-PU comfort trek
Fastenings: N/A

Cost over Quality

Priced between $139 and $200  for a reasonable high rating. The money paid for them goes into the comfort meaning you can wear them for hours.

They are also designed to be very durable so you should not need to purchase regularly. They also have the bonus of being approved by ASTM as being able to stop Electrical Hazard. But it is not advisable to wear when operating heavy machinery, chainsaws or at risk of chemicals or falling objects.

Meeting the needs of the workforce

Diabetics: Not advisable for Diabetics to wear any safety shoe which isn’t specifically crafted
Arthritis: Good because of comfortable sole (just don’t use the removable polyurethane too much)
Plantar Fasciitis: Designed to be comfy and support feet for long hours
Wide Feet: Comes on Wide (EE) option sizes

Comfort Factor

The inner side of the shoe is straight from the heel to the end of the big toe to ensure that your foot stays in a natural position for the duration of the time that you are wearing it.

It also grips your heel and ankle firmly meaning that it provides support to your ankles (good for uneven terrain) and does not rub on your foot.

There is plenty of space up at the front by the toes to ensure free movement for toes.

There are no fastenings, it is a pull-on boot. It has a heel height of 1 ¼” which is fairly small and keeps your feet at a stable level.

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