This winter is going to be a nasty, cold and wet

The weather people around the globe are predicting an especially cold winter for the coming winter. So with this in mind, you should be considering getting a pair of best winter work boots that are up to the task of getting you trough with dry and warm feet.

You will find in today’s review just that in 5 pairs of winter boots for the man and five pairs of winter boots for women as well. They all have the items that match our considerations of what you need for the warmest winter boots in the world.

When you have finished reading our reviews you will be able to select a pair of extreme cold weather work boots that matches your lifestyle and taste as well as keep your feet warm and dry in the coming winter and many more to come

Top list for men

From the list, pick the best winter boots for men

Top list for women

Choose the best winter boots for women from the list

There are some critical differences between snow boots and winter boots. So first know your requirement clearly. There is an excellent buying guide you can read before if you are curious more to learn about your next winter boots. For short, we have listed some important factors that you should know about before buying the best winter work boots.

Some considerations

Some considerations you need to look for
in a good winter work boot

  1. Brand and quality, the comfort and fit are given when you do this up front
  2. Fit is most important as you will also want to buy a size larger to accommodate your winter socks.
  3. This, by the way, should be woolen instead of cotton as how cotton retains sweat and in the winter, this is a no-no.
  4. If possible, get a boot that is knee high, as the snow is expected to be heavy this winter and you want a boot taller than the snow you’ll be walking in
  5. With the above have, a thick insulated heavy sole to provide insulation from the ground’s surface but for traction on snow and ice slick surfaces
  6. The lower should be waterproof at least as having wet feet in winter conditions is an invitation to frostbite
  7. The boot should fit tightly or cinch up to prevent entry by snow and water
  8. Finally, your winter work boot should be easy to lace, zip, or slip on. Because your hands will often be cold and getting a boot on or off can be agony as the blood starts to flow to cold fingers

Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boot

Bogs Men’s Ultra Mid Winter Snow Boot

Designed for mid-winter when the weather is its harshest and coldest. The snow may have let up but it’s bone-chilling, the snow is now packed, and you have to plow through it, which can tire you out quickly.

Therefore, these boots are pull-on and fit tightly where needed to keep snow from getting inside and melting where the real threat of frostbite can occur if you don’t stay warm and dry. Rubber protects you from wetness. Dual handles are provided to allow you to pull them on over your favorite snow socks with ease.

The Bogs boot is often called the Santa boot as you can wear it in any cold weather climate whether Sioux Falls, Northern Canada or even if you have the hankering to go all the way to the North Pole.

They also are :

  • Well insulated
  • 100% waterproofed
  • Classic winter boot design

Overall, they are a great general-purpose winter work boots and will keep you warm and dry in the coldest winter and deepest snow

Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

If you need to work out of doors and the snow is deep. Say, in Minneapolis where the snow gets deeper than your knees. You need a rugged boot that will handle the snow while keeping your feet snug and dry. Well, that’s where this boot comes in.

It rides high on your leg up to the knee and then cinches tight to keep snow from entering. This boot also is ready for slick icy conditions with a nonslip sole. In addition, it has a waterproof upper that prevents the elements from damaging the boot and again protect your feet from wet and slushy conditions.

Kamik Men’s Hunter boot also has these qualities:

  • Lasts years before you even think about a new pair
  • At 9000 feet they still keep out snow and slush and your feet are dry as well
  • Comfortable and insulated for cold climates
  • While they are tough they are flexible as well and you can walk over tough ground in comfort with ease

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III
Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Omni-Heat reflective lining keeps your feet toasty in the coldest that Mother Nature and Old Man winter can through at you combined. They also have Omni-Grip Non-marking traction on their outer sole.

You work with the with 200 g of further insulation and you have a winter boot that Admiral Byrd would approve of if he were planning another Antarctic voyage.

For you, however, you are more interested in keeping your feet dry and warm while mucking about a work site or making your rounds as a linesman, and especially those who are First responders like EMT and SAR personnel that have to go out in the element to find a child who has strayed.

They also have to find that occasional adult who has lost their way in winter’s cold and the heavy blinding snow. This kind of weather is expected this winter according to a recent NASA prediction and is now becoming common lately.

These Columbia Boots are made for you, especially with temperatures at -10 degrees.

Polar Womens Nylon Tall Winter

Polar Womens Nylon Tall Winter Snow Boot

Polar offers you a plethora of different styles and colors for this boot. However, the basic design is the same. Warmth, waterproof, and then style comfort, and fit. Rubber soled so you wouldn’t slip on the ice and snow. You have insulation that keeps your feet warm as well.

You now have a winter boot that goes with you anywhere for anything you need to do from shopping or walking 5 blocks in the freezing rain.

This provides you with the best of all worlds as you have fashion to go along with function that keeps your feet dry and prevents your feet from getting wet in the process of going out in this year’s predicted mega-winter that makes the RR Martin series winter look tame by comparison.

But, with this boot, you can walk out there in it without a care in the world.

Northside Women’s Kathmandu

Northside Women’s Kathmandu Waterproof Snow Boot

These boots in many ways resemble the Sherpa women’s boots that are worn in Tibet, Nepal and at the roof of the world Katmandu of which they are named after.

These boots are made for the snow and with a Faux fur collar, they also add a bit of style and panache in a boot made for going out in the snow for work or fun.

D-ring eyelets make lacing easy and they slip on and off easily. They have a waterproofed lower and tight gripping tread on the sole to prevent slipping and falls.

Thermolite insulation keeps your feet dry and warm. This lets you go out in these boots in winter’s cold down to -40F. That should keep your feet warm no matter what you are doing.

You can drive a car wearing them and walk for hours if need be without being discomforted by the cold.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Winter

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Winter
Fully Fur Lined Zipper Closure

Not only can you get out in winter cold with a carefree attitude, as your feet are warm and protected? You also can do so in 20 different shades and color combinations.

So, now your winter boots can go with what you are wearing. But, do it in style with a taste of elegance as well. Your boots are fully faux-fur lined for warmth and help keep your feet dry as well.

The soles are made to grip and hold so you wouldn’t lose your balance on treacherous ice and snow that is everywhere in wintertime.

You also have ease of putting them or taking them off as a full-length zipper makes this possible.

However, you should still get a pair a half size up to allow your winter socks to provide extra dryness and guard against moisture and wetness.

The boots also are knee high that permits you to walk in deep snow and make it to wherever you want to be easily and in perfect comfort, dryness, and warmth.

Kingshow Women’s Globalwin Waterproof Winter Boots

Kingshow Women’s Globalwin Waterproof Winter Boots

If you need a pair of waterproof snow boots that take you out and about with warmth and a touch of class. Then these are the ones.

You have a synthetic leather boot that is both stylish and functional as well. You stay dry and your feet stay warm as well.

The full insulation makes them perfect for the rush hour commute and walking from the bus, train, and car to your place of work in perfect comfort and with a bit of spring in your step as they are comfortable, especially if you get them a bit larger to accommodate thicker socks to face off against the elements.

You can get them in a variety of shades of color and styling as well. They do the hard part of keeping your feet warm and dry while you walk through this winter unscathed, in style, and the comfort you deserve.

Final words

Winter work boots are mandatory in many workplaces today. A woman’s feet are sized different and they need more in the way of comfort than a man does. However, a man wants comfort as well and both want their feet to be dry as well as warm in winter’s bitter cold.

Today, our friends at Amazon you have seen 10 of the best and in winter work boots in both men’s and women’s styles and in different shades that go into the teeth of winter without a complaint.

They are quality brands and all you need to do is choose the one that catches your eye and matches your lifestyle and your budget. This winter is going to be a bad one. However, you’ll be ready with one of the 10 pairs of boots you’ve seen today from Amazon


Hope you already got your desired and best winter work boots. Here is a bonus video/tricks to make it even warmer

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