Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Worker Two Safety Toe Work Boot Review

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Tough leather boots

The Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Worker Two Safety toe Work Boot are made of very strong leather like logger boots but have a synthetic sole.

Although described as being waterproof they actually are not waterproof at all so make sure you aren’t purchasing for wet environment.

They are also described as Safety Toe but they do not have a steel or metal toe but have an all leather upper. They can still be safety toed however, but it is not a strong as having a metal upper. Look here if you need steel toe work boots

They do have a grippy rubber sole that allows for stability when walking in slippery conditions.

To conclude these are tough leather boots but are not really that ideal for a work place that requires wet, interaction with chemicals, machinery, heavy falling objects. Instead they can be better used as general tough shoes or also in certain careers where none of the above are a risk but you still need good durable shoes.

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Which Sector are these boots optimum for?

Even though not metal, the safety toe should be able to protect against sharp falling objects such as knives. The leather is also thick enough to prevent being burned from hot water.

Foot Protection Performance

Toe Impact Rating: N/A
Metatarsal Protection: No
Puncture/Penetration of Footwear Bottoms: Does not meet ASTM standards.
Midsole penetration protection: Tough leather but no metal protection.
Electric Shock: Does not protect as qualified by ASTM standards
Electrical conduction: Does not conduct
Static Dissipation / Antistatic Protection: No
Dielectric Insulation: No
Energy Absorption: No
Water Resistant Upper (WRU): Not water resistant
Heat Resistant (HRO): Not able to withstand intense heats
Insulation Against Cold (Cl): Insulates against fairly cold conditions but not ASTM Standard
Insulation Against Heat (Hl): Insulates against fairly hot conditions but not ASTM Standard

Other Considerations

Slip Resistant – Grippy rubber base
Ankle Protection – Laces that really help support and hold ankle in place
Chemical Permeability – Does not protect feet against hazardous chemicals.
Biological Agents – Do not work well together as leather is not compatible with disinfectants.

Best Fit

Upper – Leather
Lining – leather lining
Toe area – non-metallic but still a ‘safety toe’
Insole – comes with removable orthotic
Heel – approximately 1.5”
Sole – Rubber
Fastenings – Lace up

Cost over Quality

These shoes are priced between $109.95 – $119.99 and although  cannot really be classed as official work shoes (as they do not qualify for any ASTM standards).

They are supposed to have strong support over toe to protect it but it has not been approved by ASTM so I would caution against using in place at risk of heavy objects falling.

Meeting the needs of the workforce

Diabetics: It isn’t recommended that diabetics wear any type of work shoe that hasn’t been specially crafted
Arthritis: Fairly good as has additional insoles to help support
Plantar Fasciitis: Quite flat and is a good shape
Wide Feet: Little choice for varying feet width on amazon.

Comfort Factor

They are not as comfortable as some of the other boots that I have experienced, but they do come with a removable Orthotic sole to add to the comfort.

They have strong lace ups all the way up the boot which really help support your ankle and feet within the boot.

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