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Work boots offer protection using various materials. This is also made possible when manufacturers use their understanding of foot anatomy. On a related note, there are safety symbols that have that help people pick the right work boots. These symbols take note of these features to inform the individual fast.

There are 11 symbols identified that you should take note of if you’re going to buy a new pair of work boots. You will find the correct work boots for your work when you learn what these refer to.

1) Chainsaw Protection

As the name implies, this symbols means that the work boot can withstand chainsaws. Likewise, it can resist cuts and damages resulting from other cutting tools. Thus, woodcutters and loggers who want the logger boots look search for this safety symbol.

2) Composite Plate Protection

The work boot uses a composite plate. This composite plate is lightweight. It can resist punctures without relying on metallic materials like alloy and steel.

3) Composite Toe Protection

Like the previous safety symbol, this ensures that the work boots have composite toe caps. These toe caps are lightweight and tough at the same time.

4) CSA Blue Rectangle

The Canadian Standards Assocation (CSA) has several safety symbols for work boots. They are now known as the CSA Group. This symbol means that the sole does not meet the standard for preventing punctures. Still, this blue rectangle means that it has a Grade 1 protective toe. This indicates that the toe section can protect you from an impact measuring 125 joules at most.

5) CSA Green Triangle

There is only one difference between this and the CSA Blue Rectangle. This symbols means that the boots have sole puncture protection too. Here, sole puncture protections means that it can take on at least 270 pounds of pressure. People working in construction sites and machine shops will look for this.

6) CSA White Rectangle

Aside from displaying a white rectangle, this CSA safety symbol also features Ω. This is a Greek letter known as omega. This symbol ensures that the work boot can endure 18,000 volts. Also, that the boot can withstand a leakage current measuring 1mA for 60 seconds at most. In other words, the work boots have electrical insulating properties. This characteristic makes it capable of protecting the wearer from electric shocks.

7) CSA Yellow Rectangle

This is a symbol important for people in industries prone to static discharge. This indicates that the outer soles can disperse any electrostatic charges. The CSA grants a pair of boots as static-dissipative if it can withstand 106 to 108 Ohms.

8) Metal or Steel Toe Protection

This means that the work boots either have a steel toe cap or a metal toe cap. Both of these can provide enough impact absorption and compression.

9) Metatarsal Protection

We discussed earlier that the metatarsal region of the foot needs adequate protection. This safety symbol means that the boots have a metatarsal guard. Thus, the boots can safeguard the middle section of one’s foot from falling heavy objects.

10) Steel Plate Protection

This is the counterpart to the Composite Plate Protection symbol. The Steel Plate Protection symbol means that the sole can resist punctures.

11) Super Static Dissipative

Finally, this yellow rectangle means that the boots offer more than puncture-resistant soles. This indicates that the work boots also have a Grade 2 protective toecap. In other words, the work boots have a super-static dissipative property.

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