Bates Mens Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot Review

Bates Mens Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot Review
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One of the Bates company’s most popular style, this tactical boot encompasses numerous features to provide sturdy boots

Made from long-lasting leather any nylon with cushioned removable inserts, these boots aim to give the wearer’s comfort and durability as well as a slip-resistant outsole to increase grip.

Cost Vs Quality
  • Low price
  • Non-metallic
  • Successfully qualify the SATRA WTM 144 test for slip resistance
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Removeable cushioned footbed
  • Shock absorbing pads
  • Lightweight
  • Not waterproof
  • Non safety
  • Pressure points exist across the boot, causing pain and blisters (not in every case)
  • Take a long time to break in
  • Soft soled – so wear out quickly

Bates, manufacturing this ultra-lites boots, have been an invaluable asset to uninformed personal for over 10 years. They are built with high-quality leather and nylon and are kitted out with a breathable membrane to keep your feet nice and cool.

Priced at around $90, they are much cheaper than many others on the market and seem to be almost as good, if not better than many of their competitors. They offer good, strong support and the zippers on the sides allow them to be easily taken on and off, without the unnecessary hassle of having to completely undo and redo the laces. So we don’t have to look back further to list it in our top 10 police boots

They aren’t the most comfortable tactical boots on the market but they aren’t excessively uncomfortable and for what they lack in comfort, they make up for in their reduced price

Key features

Key features

These boots are built for long-term use with high-quality leather and 1680 denier ballistic nylon to give the boots a flexible, athletic construction, at the same time as letting them look extremely stylish to wear. To focus on the comfort; each boot comes equipped with a

To focus on the comfort; each boot comes equipped with a removable cushioned EVA footbed with shock-absorbing pads. There is also padding around the collar to fully cushion your feet so that they are as comfortable as possible. Perhaps the oil and

Perhaps the oil and slip-resistant rubber sole is their strongest feature as it allows the wearer to walk across slippery or uneven surfaces at ease and successfully qualifies for the SATRA WTM 144 test for slip resistance.

The lightweight cement construction makes them easy to wear for numerous hours and the fact that the entire boots are non-metallic (no metal toes or eyelets) means they are a perfect solution for electronic security environments.

The mesh lining allows the boots to be really breathable so that your feet do not become overheated. As a result, it also keeps the boots smelling much fresher and they are easier to clean in general.

However, because of the mesh lining, they are not completely waterproof although they are water resistant and will keep your feet dry in slightly wet conditions. They would not be the ideal choice for use in a constantly wet environment. Although non-metallic, these tactical boots do come with a safety toe to protect your feet so as a result, these boots are more than adequate for protecting your feet against most outdoor and indoor hazards.

However, it is essential to note that they are not approved by ASTM standards and so for dangerous jobs, it is essential to check the requirements for footwear prior to purchasing them

Size and fittings

Size and fittings

For the benefit of the consumer, the rubber outsole is now 30% lighter than the original model meaning that there are no issues with wearing these boots for long hours as they are much lighter and more comfortable.

The fitting is nice and snug and really moulds to the individual’s feet, because of the flexible athletic construction, to give the maximum possible comfort. These boots almost feel like sports boots because of how light and flexible they are but they are also sturdy enough to support and stabilise your feet. The standard product dimensions are 12 x 8 x 4 inches.

Cost Vs Quality

Cost Vs Quality

Although not the highest quality boots on the market, they are a reasonably good deal for the price that they cost, approximately $90.

They have cushioned insoles to increase the comfort but they are thin and so wear out quite quickly. Some of the design aspects appear to have been crafted on a budget as the laces and side zipper’s feel a bit cheap.

That being said, they are reasonably durable and should you at least a year of regular, intense use. The nylon webbing is prone to fraying on the side of the boot which can reduce the breathability of the boot. Overall the boot is good for the price it is at but in terms of boots, you do get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Sector they are suited for

Sector they are suited for


They are very lightweight and provide a spring in your step from all the padding. They are slightly water resistant, enough to keep your feet dry when running on wet grass

Patrol Jobs

Although not optimum for hours upon hours of high-intensity physical labouring jobs, these boots will work well for standing jobs so long as you replace the inserts when they start to wear thin

Insider Tips

Insider Tips


It is recommended to purchase new inserts for the boots as the standard ones, although extra padding makes them comfortable, tend to wear down quickly and leave a rather uncomfortable base to the shoe. If you invest in a good pair of insoles the quality and durability of the boots greatly increase.


The warranty on the boots is not customer friendly. They are very difficult to arrange with and demand several pictures before you receive a $25 and insist you fix it locally. Often the cost of fixing them is much more than $25 and you end up out of pocket.


The boots are lacking in arch support and if you wear them for many hours, you may wake up the next day with pains in your arches. This issue can be improved by buying new inserts that better mould to the shape of your feet as these boots do not mould particularly well to the individual’s foot.


It’s a good idea to note that boots tend to be fairly squeaky on tiled and linoleum floors which many consumers find greatly irritating. The squeakiness tends to wear off after a couple of months of regular usage


The best part about the boots is their slip resistance and if you are working in slippery or oily conditions, these boots are a must have as they really do keep you very stable. Even if the soles become really, really wet, they maintain a good grip. It’s no wonder that they passed the SATRA WTM 144 slip resistance footwear test!



Yes, they are but they do squeak a bit when in contact with shiny floor surfaces.


Not really since water can pass through the mesh lining.


They are broken in very quickly as they are very soft and lightweight.

In conclusion, these boots are much cheaper than the vast majority of their competitors on the market and so for the price they are, they provide a fairly reasonable pair of boots that should last for at least a year. They take very little time to break in and are usually quite

They take very little time to break in and are usually quite comfortable, to begin with, but the issue with them is, that after a few months the cushioned inserts in the boots begin to wear down, leaving a rather uncomfortable base behind for the feet.

This can be fixed of course by regularly buying replacement insoles. If you are looking for a pair of tactical boots that you would be wearing for many hours every day, it may be wiser to spend about $80 more and getting a higher quality, more comfortable pair.

Video review

Video review

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