Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance PRO Waterproof 6” Work Boot Review

Dependable and durable work boots

The Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance PRO Waterproof 6” Work Boot are tough, dependable and long lasting work boots that meet the CSA requirements.

To help protect against toe damage by falling objects it has a steel toe and furthermore it has an Abrasion Resistant rubber double toe so that your toes should also be protected if harsh chemicals fall on it.

You can work in wet, slippery conditions with these boots because of their waterproof membrane and the grippy rubber sole.

Without detracting from the flexibility of the shoes or the space that your feet have in them, your feet are protected from punctures due to the ‘Flexible Steel-Flex puncture-resistant plate’.

All of these statements are in accordance to CSA requirements. It is also described as coming with Anti-Fatigue Technology Comfort Systems which is an effective way to revitalize your feet and helps them stay comfortable within the shoe.

It also has electrical hazard protection.

To conclude these are one of the best work boots with tough leather that keep your feet very secure from most types of hazard although I would still be cautious when handling chemicals.

Which Sector are these boots optimum for?

Can easily protect your feet from boiling water due to it being waterproof

Comfortable and supportive on all terrain types so can be worn for long times out door

Will protect against heavy objects falling on your feet or having the sole of your boots puncture by sharp objects. Keep in mind that made for men. For women , you should check top 10 women work boots picked by our team

Foot Protection Performance

Toe Impact Rating: N/A
Metatarsal Protection: No
Puncture/Penetration of Footwear Bottoms: Puncture resistant plate
Midsole penetration protection: Tough leather but no metal protection.
Electric Shock: Does not protect as qualified by ASTM standards
Electrical conduction: Does not conduct
Static Dissipation / Antistatic Protection: No
Dielectric Insulation: Rubber sole
Energy Absorption: No
Water Resistant Upper (WRU): Waterproof
Heat Resistant (HRO): Not able to withstand intense heats
Insulation Against Cold (Cl): Insulates against fairly cold conditions but not ASTM Standard
Insulation Against Heat (Hl): Insulates against fairly hot conditions but not ASTM Standard

Other Considerations

Slip Resistant – Grippy rubber base
Ankle Protection – Ankle hooks for laces which ensure the laces can be hooked up tightly to support your ankle.
Chemical Permeability – Not ensured by ASTM so it is not advisable to handle hazardous chemicals whilst using these shoes
Biological Agents – These shoes are designed to be long lasting and not disposable and nor are they compatible with disinfecting agents

Best Fit

Upper – Leather with steel toe
Lining – leather lining with waterproof membrane
Toe area – Steel toe
Insole – contoured insole provides maximum support at key pressure points and impact zones such as the heel and ball of the foot
Heel – no height specified but has a good solid heel
Sole – Rubber
Fastenings – Lace up

Cost over Quality

These shoes are priced between $159.95 – $209.69 which is a very reasonable price for the amount of secure protection your feet receives from them.

They are made of an excellent quality leather and come with multiple features ensuring these boots are very appropriate for dangerous workplaces yet the comfortability of them is not compromised by this at all.

It receives mostly positive reviews on amazon which means that most people would agree that these shoes are of a very high quality.

It is not often that so many CSA approved protective features fit into one comfortable shoe at a price not much more than $200.

Meeting the needs of the workforce

Diabetics: It is recommended that diabetics get their work shoes specially crafted.
Arthritis: Has very comfortable soles and anti-fatigue technology relieves a lot of tension so good for those with arthritis
Plantar Fasciitis: Is a good shape to support feet that need to be flat
Wide Feet: Wide feet options are not available

Comfort Factor

There is a thirty-day comfort guarantee so if you purchase them and then later decide that they are not quite right for you, then you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.

They are built in with an anti-fatigue technology comfort system which is designed to give your feet the best possible experience by absorbing shock and minimalizing shock and also by having a contoured insole which provides maximum support at pressure points

Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance PRO Waterproof 6” Work Boot Review
Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance PRO Waterproof 6” Work Boot Review

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