Why you need the best motorcycle boots?

Why you need the best motorcycle boots?

Before answering this question let me ask you another question.

How important your foot, particularly an ankle is?

Very important

Now watch the following video and see how motorcycle boots saved a biker’s ankle in a low side crash.

Foot and leg injury is often a life long injury. If you fractured a leg, most probably, it’ll recover and never trouble you again. But If you hurt an ankle, it’ll give you trouble for the rest of your life.

Level of Lower-Extremity Injuries

Bikers are in risk of injuries due to the nature of riding.  An estimated 27 percent lower-extremity injuries encountered by motorcyclists were leg injuries.

So motorcycle boots are crucial for safety measure

Don’t go for savings with a sneaker or regular work boots to ride a bike. You should consider the best motorcycle boots that match your needs. Here comes another issue.

How can I choose

How can I choose the best boots for the motorcycle?

There is a tradeoff you have to consider before choosing the best motorcycle boots, “how much protection do you want before it interferes with daily activities.”

We will try to shed some light on various safety feature of motorcycle boots so that you can choose the best motorcycle boots.

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Some considerations you need to look for in the best motorcycle boots


Ankle protection

Ankle protection is the must. It will provide armor and padding in the places necessary to protect your foot and ankle in a crash. Your ankle is not capable of dealing with your weight and the weight of the bike without the help of motorcycle boots. So your boots must have reinforced or armored ankles. They take the “over the ankle” requirement a bit further by adding plastic armoring or the like.


Abrasion resistant

Get abrasion resistant boot if you like your skin intact


Protect the shinbone

Protect the impact of hard blow on the sides and the front of the shinbone. So armored and padded shins are needed


Prevents the foot from overextending

Get a boot that prevents the foot from overextending in any direction. Go for tall moto boots, because it will stabilize  your leg below the knee


Bike drops on protection

Sometimes bike drops on feet and seriously hurt. In that case, the steel toe and metatarsal guard do its job in stopping the foot from extending to an unnatural damage.


Low side protection

If low side happens, Your bike may land on your feet and grind it into the ground for a few meters. In that case, abrasion resistance and ankle protection will act to save you.


Protect your feet from road debris

It’s common that all sorts of shit kicked off the road into your feet. So get a boot that can protect your feet from road debris.


Good grip is needed

A good grip is needed especially in wet condition. Get the sole accordingly


Avoid lace up

Avoid lace up because laces are hook points in a crash. That is why better riding boots have no exposed laces. Consider to use of buckles or velcro to keep laces from snagging on the bike. A zipper kit for these boots may help to avoid lace entanglement also


Rigid stabilization structures

If your leg is snagged in motion or heavier impact, you will need rigid stabilization structures of your boot to limit the range of the movement to protect from torsional injury

Some threats await your feet and ankles when you ride
1. Jumping at the MX track
2. Dragging toes on the pavement
3. Cold weather and hot exhaust pipes
4. Crushing blows from a crash or slides out
5. Loose or flying road debris
6. Mother Nature’s elements
Motorcycle boots provide additional protection and go beyond the basics. For instance,
1. Toe sliders
2. Armored ankle/shins/toes/heels
3. Replaceable soles
3. Torsion/twist prevention
4. Shifter pads
5. Thicker leather
6. Mother Nature’s elements

Today, we are going to give you the lowdown on ten different pairs of motorcycle boots that make a biker’s eye light up when they see them. They are all made for heavy riding, road trips, and cruising down the highway with your brothers.

We will highlight them for you and you can then choose the ones that suit your needs and the type of riding you do the most. They are the best by Brands like Harley, O’Neal, Tour Master, and Vega as well as others.

Top list

List of Best Motorcycle Boots

O’Neal Rider Boots

O’Neal Rider Boots

Why in top 10 ?

  • Good protection
  • Low cost
  • Look cool
  • Tight fit

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  1. Fat toe box
  2. Traction could be better
  3. No ankle movement
  4. No inner lace-up system


  1. This is an off-road boot so do not wear with street sport motorcycles

These boots are made for what you expect from the roads today. Steel shanks protect your feet and additional armoring is supplied by injected molded plastic inside as well.

These are the boots you want when you take to those gravel back roads and even those dirt paths that you sometimes you ride on to get to where you are going in a hurry to a meeting with your bros. You have a steel toe guard that also protects you from an unexpected object that sticks up from the road that can break toes and snap ankles.

But, they are also comfortable and have a mesh lining that lets your feet breathe along with a cushioned insole that takes up the road vibration or just walking about as there are times when you wouldn’t be riding but walking about time.

So, you have an invincible pair of boots that can take the rough world on the road today

Harley-Davidson Men’s Drive Steel Toe Boot

Harley-Davidson Men’s Drive Steel Toe Boot

Why in top 10 ?

  1. Steel toe but still comfortable
  2. Very durable
  3. Soft leather, no break-in time needed

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  1. They were somewhat wide and larger
  2. Heavy due to steel toe
  3. Inside is not leather, just a synthetic textile


  1. Get 1/2 size smaller
  2. You may use additional top eyes for lacing for better fixation

Of course, Harley knows bikers and their needs better than any company in the work they have been making the best in American motorcycles since 1903 and has held this position ever since. So, when they put out a pair of biker boots you need to take a look and seeing what they offer.

These boots are not as high as some boots you see on bikers today. They look more like a pair of hiker boots.

However, they have the steel toe a biker needs when they are going down the road, a speed lacing system that lets you get in and out of them fast.

They offer the best in comfort and padded in just the right place you want for road trips or cross-country rides to places like Sturgis, for their annual Motorcycle Rally for the 78th event planned for next July thru August in 2017.

Vega Touring Men’s Motorcycle Boots : Best Touring Motorcycle Boots

Vega Touring Men’s

Why in top 10 ?

  1. Dual zippers make the boots easy to put on and take off efficiently
  2. Construction quality is good
  3. Light weight & comfortable
  4. Velcro-type adjustments at top of uppers
  5. Good value for the money

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  1. They do come small in size
  2. A little warm in summer.
  3. The zipper is hard to use
  4. Upper is not leather


  1. Buy 1 size up

Vega boots are famous among bikers everywhere. They have a zipper closure that lets you get in and out of them with ease. They have great value for the cost.

They are said to be leather. However, you will find they are synthetic leather when you check them out closely. However, that doesn’t detract from their usefulness.

They are weather resistant and while not waterproof offer, you adequate protect for most riding even in rain and poor weather conditions.

They are stylish and have a sole that cushions your feet and gives you good traction on the many surfaces a bike will find themselves riding and walking on.

You wouldn’t be slipping and sliding on slick, wet, and oil streaked surfaces. Remember to order a size up so you can fit a good pair of socks to help pad your feet.

You can even wear them as street shoes and your pants will slide over them easily. Therefore, you can wear them while riding and go about town in as well.

Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot

Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot

Why in top 10 ?

  1. Soft sole and leather make it comfortable
  2. Good looking boot
  3. Good traction while stopped
  4. Zipper has an extra backing to protect from snags

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  1. Do not fit good
  2. Boot top is extremely loose
  3. Footbed is not comfortable
  4. No arch support


  1. They run large so order half size smaller
  2. Treat them with Huberd’s shoe oil to look even better

Harley again lets you have a boot for the biker that not only provides protection while riding as well as it looks good while you wear them riding or just walking about.

These boots are made from real leather and you can choose whether you prefer brown or black. They offer you ankle protection as well as for your toes. The sole is able to give you the traction you want with a zipper fastening that lets you get them off quickly as well getting them on as well.

You can then be ready to hit the road anytime you want. You then ride in comfort and your feet will not tire out as well even after a doing run along the Pacific Coast Highway.

When you reach its end, your feet will still feel great, you can then head east to Vegas to enjoy fun in the city of sin, and you can enjoy the whole things without tired feet.

Milwaukee Men’s Road Captain Motorcycle Boots

Milwaukee Men’s Road Captain

Why in top 10 ?

  1. Heavy duty boots
  2. Durable
  3. Comfortable boots

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  1. The toe is huge and has a hard time fitting under the gear shift
  2. The leather is stiff
  3. The clip on the belt seems cheap


  1. Use some saddle soap to soften them up

A stylish heavy-duty buckle that secures this boot to your foot. They also lace up top and with the padded ankle support. You have a biker boot that lets you go down the road with a style that a company who is in the home of Harley, where some of the best of American bikes are made still today and they know a biker’s needs almost as well as the Harley Company does.

Along with a bottom to top lacing for a tight fit. They also combine that with a zipper that lets you get them off quickly after you have them adjusted to your liking.

Looking at the sole of these boots, you see that they provide a non-skid boot that makes hitting the road easy and with a boot that is rugged and can take a tough road trip and your feet are protected and you have the comfort you want keeping your feet in health as well.

Milwaukee Mens Afterburner Boots

Milwaukee Mens Afterburner Boots

Why in top 10 ?

  1. Soles are durable and non-slip
  2. Strong stitching, quite sturdy and good quality
  3. Easy to put on with dual zippers

Flaws but not dealbreakers

  1. So much room in the ankle
  2. Weight is very heavy
  3. Button snaps break off quickly


  1. Do not pull on the strap itself but on the snap tab
  2. Get a size smaller
  3. Replace the snaps on both boots

Again from our favorite Biker clothing company we have another boot for going down the highway with a boot that has a zipper that works well with a cross ankle strap that buckles to holds your feet securely inside the boot that gives you a secure base for walking or riding.

These boots are made to resist oil and the sole keeps you from slipping on the pavement that may be slick from water, street slime, and oil residue.

You can now go down the highway and are comforted and protected from vibration and stress while you are riding.

This boot will provide you style and the support you need that gives you a great riding boot. It is stylish and gives you a pair of boots that show you are a real biker who knows quality in not only you taste in motorcycles but the clothing you wear while riding as well.

Being a biker is the best way of life to ride on

You might be a trucker, Veteran, and an officer worker. But, you share a single dream. This is the open road and the freedom to travel where you will. You might ride on a HogRice Burner, and one of the classics like Indian and Norton. You might be riding one of the upscale bikes like a Beamer, Ducati, Bultaco, and of course, the Cruisers like the Goldwing and the others like it.

You all share one thing in one thing whether you are in a club, solitary, and with your “OLD Lady.” That is the love of the sun on your face, astride a bike and with a long stretch of open road ahead of you with a hankering to find out what is at its end.

To you, we salute you and we are going to talk about the one thing no biker will get on their bike without putting on first. And that is their motorcycle boots.

Because, next to your bike, your colors, and your club the best motorcycle boots you wear are the one thing you depend on no matter else. As they protect your feet and ankles from abuse and rugged load, they take after riding all day and they take the skids, stops, and the impact of gravel or pavement if/when your bike goes down.

Are regular work boots sufficient to ride a motorcycle?

Regular workboots are not enough.

Ankle protection is the main reason. Hard armor and padding for the ankle only found built into bike specific boots.

Work boots are better than tennis shoes, but they aren’t as good as motorcycle boots

Final words

When you are riding, you want maximum protection for your feet and ankles. The 10 pairs of boots we have highlighted for you have these qualities and other amenities that provide you with weather protection, good traction, and nonslip soles that wouldn’t let you slide if you hit a wet surface and oil slick surfaces. These are what a biker faces in the shop, on the road, and even walking to and from their clubhouse.

You can also find a stylish boot that gives these properties and make them looking good, as a piece of fashion attire that is now becoming important to bikers today.

You can now achieve all this with the help Amazon provides you today and now you just have to select the pair of boots that appeal to you best. Then you just click with your mouse

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