How To Break In Work Boots Faster & Easier

When you purchase a new pair of work boots, you would desire to break in to them effortlessly; Nothing causes more disturbance than walking around all day in boots that chafe. Well, the remedy is quite easy; it lies in learning some easy tricks that will help you break in your boots and on this article we will be discussing how to break in work boots – ten easy ways (guaranteed):

How to break in

How to break in general work boots

  • Applying an insole: If you use the insole, the boot will be more comfortable. It may be a little tighter when you wear the boots for some time with the insole on; this will expand your boots to a reasonable extent. Afterwards, you can remove the insoles; then it will fit your feet perfectly and easier than before.
  • Leather conditioner: Leather conditioner works well with your boots just as a moisturizer works for dry skin. Glovolium baseball glove conditioner (which you can find in any retail store near you) is an example of leather that can be used in hydrating the material of your boots and in the process your boots become softer, thereby letting you break in them without stress.
  • Apply alcohol and water mixture: Make a right mixture of rubbing water and alcohol in the ratio of 1:1. Use a spray container and directly spray the solution inside your boots. Then wear the boots immediately after twenty minutes or more. The alcohol will soften the leather as it dries off, enabling the boots to be a good fit for your feet. Repeating this process will ensure that you break in your boots without stress.
  • Hot water: Heat some water and dip your boots into the hot water for thirty minutes or so. Put on your socks and wear the boots for just another thirty minutes. The hot water enables the leather to expand. Putting on the boots as it cools ensures the boots take the perfect shape and size of your feet.
  • Wear the boots: Wearing the boots at even at home until you feel comfortable with it, could help too. In addition to that, you could consider to buy moleskin and apply it as a barrier in between your feet and the parts of the boots that cause you to chafe.
  • Freezing the boots: Fill up an airtight plastic bag with some water. Stuff the boots with the plastic bag and put it in the freezer for a few minutes and then take a look at it, you will notice that the plastic bag will freeze and eventually expand. You can then take the boots out from the freezer and melt them. They should have gained some more expansion which can accommodate your feet comfortably.
  • Wear thick socks: Wear thick socks before putting your boots on. This will ensure your boots to expand and fit your feet. You could try to wear several pairs of socks to achieve faster results.
  • Oil treatment:  Apply oil on the exterior parts of the leather boots. Concentrate the application on the areas where causes the discomfort and leave the boots overnight; the oil would have softened the leather by morning. You could repeat this procedure to ensure excellent results.
  • Boot stretchers: Boot stretchers are adjustable to whatever size of boot you may have. They are forms which you can easily slide into your boots for reconditioning the fit of the boots. You want to leave the boot stretchers in the boots overnight till morning, and this will ensure perfect fitting for your foot the next time you try it.
  • Apply boot stretch spray: Boot stretch spray is a very effective product that you can buy at any shoe store. You will need to read through the instructions on the label for you to know whether it is suitable to use the spray on the material that your boots already have, the boot spray also works like boot conditioner; it softens the leather and allows the boot to be a little more comfortable.

Step Guide for breaking in red wings boots

Step Guide for breaking in red wings boots

The red wings boot is and has been loved by many people for a while now, the stunning pair of shoe has reportedly been uneasy to wear or break into. On this article, we will provide a step by step guide on How To Break In Red Wing Boots, enjoy.

  • Choose a style you adore, feel like wearing and that meets the requirements of the occasion you plan to rock it too.
  • Make certain that they fit perfectly, wear and tie them tight to keep your heel low or down. Slightly narrowed and snugly is perfect. They will eventually stretch out. Do not purchase a boot that is overly short.
  • Try as many sizes as possible, I promise you, you do not want to buy a red wing boot that is smaller than your feet or that isn’t your size. Make sure you purchase something that suits your feet and that you are comfortable in.

Finally, ensure that you wear thick socks with your red wing boots.

Break In Your Military Combat Boots

How to Break In Your Military Combat Boots

Now it’s time to hint you on how to put on that combat boot of yours effortlessly and without any chafe. Although the combat boots are ideal and comfortable, you still need to make sure that they are well moulded for your feet.

Use  water

Here’s a quick and efficient way to make your combat boots feel like they were customized for your feet.

  • Put the boots in the tub then fill them up with water. Ensure that they are thoroughly soaked.
  • Put on a pair of socks (you want to use socks that aren’t made up of wool or cotton).
  • Empty the water from inside the combat boots and then wear them.
  • Now put them on for the rest of the day. After that pull out the insoles, then place the combat boots in front of a fan to dry (advisable overnight).

And that’s it. And for better results, I will recommend that you repeat this procedure over and over again.

How to Break in Timberlands

How to Break in Timberlands

Do you think about a way to Break In Your New Timberlands? If yes then you are at the right place, and now without talking much, I want to go straight to the points you need to consider when trying to break into your new pair of Timberlands.

Timberlands need a nice Break-In period before they will become comfortable to put on, consider these when trying to make the beautiful Timbaland boots comfortable to rock anywhere anytime.

  • Wear the Timberland Boots around the house as you carry out your daily obligations, though you are simply walking around the house, treat those awesome boots as though you were hiking a trail or putting in work for some money.
  • Wear the same socks, ensure to tie them in similar ways and make flat the gusset as though you were using the shoes for the purpose they were made. Note that: the way the boots break are exactly how they will remain throughout their lifetime.
  • Make sure to rock your Timberlands boots for extended periods of time, so they become increasingly comfortable and soft.
  • When your beautiful Timberlands are comfortable in the house, commence using them for short errands and short walks outdoors. You will simply be softening the boot’s materials as well as training your feet to get used to them for lengthier periods of time spent rocking the Timberlands.
  • Gripping the Timberlands in your hands bending the soles front and back repeatedly to hasten the softening procedure.
  • Squatting over and over again while putting them on could also help to soften the material the sole was made up of.

Breaking in leather boots

Breaking in leather boots

The ideal pair of Leather Boots could grant you the confidence and self-esteem you require to hit the streets and also take on a hiking trail. Regardless of the style, original leather boots require the most breaking in amongst others, Now let’s accelerate the procedure by utilizing a combo of methods.

Step 1

Lightly mist the internal part of the leather boots with a spray bottle and the combination of water and rubbing alcohol, this is sure to relax the fibres of the leather.

Step 2

Rock your leather boots indoors as much as you can. It looks silly but every second you spend in your awesome leather boots will help to speed up the process of breaking in. Try to tie your boots snugly instead of wearing them lose. The moment your shoes feel comfortable in the house do not hesitate to start rocking them outdoors.

Step 3

Wear thick socks with your boots

Step 4

Roll up two clothes that you aren’t using anymore and choke each boot tightly any moment you choose to wear them. This continues the break-in process even when you take off your Timberlands.

How to break in suede boots

How to break in suede boots

The suede boots are a very fashionable and classy choice of boots for women and men alike, but one common problem is tight suede boots. On this article, I’m going to be showing you some ways in which you could break into your suede boots effortlessly.

Locate the tight spots

In order to know where needs stretching, mark the spots that are uncomfortable to you, but in case you can’t seem to fit your whole foot in the suede boots you need to stretch the whole boot.

Use the stretching fluid

Get some stretching fluids that are safe to use and apply to the uncomfortable areas of the suede boots. You can simply use it either inside or outside of the suede boots. Stretching fluid comes with a spray container, allowing you to spray in or outside the suede boots. If you need more control of the quantity you use, you can spray the fluid onto any suede brush and brush till the fluids are upon the boots.

Use a foot or boot stretcher

You could either put your feet into the suede boots or utilize a boot stretcher in each boot. An advantage the stretcher offers is that you could abandon it overnight and the boots will be stretched for lengthier periods of time, and this has reported being very effective.

 Stretch the boots

In case you put on the boots, ensure that you walk around until the stretching fluids dry up. If you utilized boot stretchers, turn its handle as recommended as the instruction manual. The handle turns scores inside the shoe stretcher, which enables the stretcher to expand.

 Observe the fitting

The moment you do everything you need to for stretching your boots, ensure that you try them on again. If they happen to be too tight, endeavour to repeat the stretching process.

Lastly, you should care for your suede boots by utilizing suede brush and polish to keep them fresh, dry and clean. Remember that excessive water applied on the suede boots could damage the suede and make it look less attractive.

In addition to all you have read, it is worthwhile to know that leather boots require a bit more time and effort to break in. I advise you to perform the breaking in your boots with a step by step approach, instead of hoping your feet fit comfortably into your boots by overnight. It is also necessary to consider buying boots two or more weeks before you are ready to wear them, for an adequate break-in time.

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