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A Classic Pair of Boots Refined Through Modern Craftsmanship

The Beckman Collection lives up to the high expectations set by the Red Wing Shoe Company in its early years.

Cost and Quality
  • Premium smooth-finished leather material
  • Classic and stylish design
  • Positive
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Ample slip-resistance with lug soles
  • Cushioned insole for comfort
  • Laces could have been longer
  • Traction on wet surfaces could be improved



Before we start the Red Wing Beckman review, we have to know its history. Charles Beckman was a German immigrant who went to America in the late 19th century. He was only 17 years old when he arrived at Red Wing, Minnesota. There, he worked at a leather factory and acquired a passion for making shoes.

As years passed by, Charles Beckman decided to sell shoes that are genuinely good. Thus, he founded his own shoe store in 1883. People flocked to his store and it became a thriving business. But, Charles Beckman still believed that high-quality shoes were not easy to find.

Creating the Red Wing Shoe Company

Fast forward to 1905, and Charles Beckman finally established the Red Wing Shoe Company. Fourteen investors who had the same goal of providing quality shoes helped him found the company.

Beckman was aware that Red Wing barely had enough dirt roads at the time. Walking on rough terrain was bad for the workers. During winter, the surface would become muddied and harder to walk on. Thus, the Red Wing Shoe Company founder needed to make the best boots.

Fast forward to today, and the Red Wing Shoe Company continues Beckman’s vision. The company is now known all around the world for boots that are stylish yet tough. With that, the Beckman collection was made to honour the exemplary contribution of Charles Beckman.



Red Wing Shoe Company commits to the highest standard in creating boots. In particular, the Beckman collection is meant to look good and to last for as long as possible. The boots have black eyelets and 48-inch black laces to give a bold appearance.

The shaft measure 5.5 inches with ample arch support while the heel measures 1.25 inches. The company uses premium full-grain leather for these boots. Also, the leather is burnished and applied using the topstitching method to give the Beckman boots a classic look.

Elegant Leather

These boots feature smooth-finished leather that gives a polished look. Red Wing only uses the highest quality of hides to make this leather. Thanks to this, all three Beckman styles offer an elegant look.

Still, the wearer is obligated to perform proper maintenance because of the leather. As with Red Wing’s other boots, only Goodyear welt construction is applied. This is a stitching method that only the most skilled in the craft of shoemaking can accomplish with ease.

For Sunny and Rainy Days

Likewise, the Beckman boots are meant to be worn even during rainy days. The boots are built with Roccia outsoles and slip resistant lug soles.  The Red Wing Heritage Beckman Boots are made in the United States.


Full Review


The Red Wing Heritage Beckman comes in four different styles.

1) Beckman 9011

The 9011 is made using premium Black Cherry Featherstone dress leather.

2) Beckman 9013

These Red Wing Beckman Round boots use the Chestnut Featherstone dress leather. This has the lightest colour among the four styles with its light brown appearance.

3) Beckman 9014

The 9014 uses Black Featherstone dress leather. These are black boots that have a bit of shine for a classy appearance.

4) Beckman 9016

The fourth style is the 9016 and features the Cigar Featherstone dress leather. This Red Wing Beckman Cigar has a brown look that’s darker than the Beckman 9013.

There are other styles that the Beckman Collection comprised of. These included the Red Wing Beckman Chukka and the Red Wing Beckman Oxford. But, these are no longer included in the current collection. While the company still makes oxfords and chukka boots, they are not associated with the Beckman collection.


To give enough breathing space in the front foot area, the boots have a bump toe. Also, the Red Wing Heritage Beckman collection has a cushioned insole. This supports the underfoot section of your feet and keeps them dry.

The Beckman boots are quite heavy, but it’s not much of a burden due to the sufficient comfort. Like any other boots, they need to be broken in. There are no insulating properties, but your feet will stay dry.


These boots range from $210.99 to $366. This might seem like a steep price for a pair of boots. But, Red Wing is a trustworthy brand. The Beckman boots are made of premium materials. The leather is easy to clean.

However, we do wish that the laces were not just 48 inches long. They tend to be short for many wearers who hoped for 55-inch laces. Also, the waxed laces tend to get loosened up. They look good with the whole appearance of the boots, but they aren’t easy to tighten immediately.

Also, Red Wing uses only the most proven methods such as topstitching and Goodyear welt construction. After all, craftsmanship is a big deal for the Red Wing Shoe Company. You can wear the Beckman boots in many events due to their polished and versatile design.


As expected, the Beckman boots are sturdy. A Red Wing Beckman resole is indeed costly, but it’s unlikely to happen due to the high-quality materials. The leather is not immune to scratches or scuffs, but they are minimal.

Unless you are extremely careful with them, you will have these marks. But, no scratches will be enough to remove the leather finish. In other words, the rich colour will not fade away anytime soon.


These boots have decent traction. Even during snowy days, you won’t have to worry about slipping all the time. The lug soles help a lot in keeping you on your feet.

Still, the Beckman Boots are not meant for constant walks on a rugged and wet terrain. In a Red Wing Beckman vs Iron Ranger comparison, it would be a tie between them. They simply do not offer the most outstanding stability on wet surfaces.




Get a pair that is half a size smaller than your regular boot size.

If you wear the regular size, it will most likely feel loose. Either you get Beckman boots half a size smaller or even try one that’s a full size smaller. These will feel adequately fit.


Wear these for at least 40 hours.

Breaking in the Beckman boots will take some time. For many people, they will feel comfortable after six days of walking with them. This is equivalent to more or less 40 hours of foot activity.


Use thick socks at first.

You should wear thick socks to protect your feet from blisters. These booths require some time to be broken in.

Final world


In conclusion, the Red Wing Heritage Beckman Boots are a worthy investment. Regardless of the style you choose, they will all set out to be tough and visually appealing. The traction is not outstanding, but it’s more than enough for general use all year long.

If you are looking for a pair of boots with a vintage look, get the Beckman Boots. These boots are sturdy and comfortable. The materials are high-quality and the construction is commendable. With enough care, they will last you for years to come.

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