Red Wing 1907 Heritage Moc 6” Boot Review

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Red Wing 1907 : Most Comfortable and Grippy

The perfect boot for a pair of jeans and intended for work on slippery like roofs, smooth concrete floors, etc

Cost vs Quality

Red Wing 1907 Review

The Comfortable USA made boots

Broken in

Once you get it broken in, Red Wing 1907, a USA made boots molds to feet with such ease that it becomes a part of your foot, and you won’t even notice that you’re wearing boots!

Handmade craftsmanship

This moc style and crepe sole are the most comfortable and grippy. The classic look, modern handmade craftsmanship is something you see and feel

Professional look

The exceptionally durable oil-tanned leather, triple stitching, traction tred rubber and flatter sole gives a more professional look if you wear them to the office or, are an engineer on job sites.

Price is little high

The price is little high, but it is well worth the price. Quality construction, durable and so well built.

Looks better with age

The leather just looks better with age so keep on wearing them, and take care.

Health and safety standards

These boots do not conform to health and safety standards as steel toecap is not available and is not suitable for wearing as safety boot

Water resistant

These boots are somewhat water resistant, but they are not waterproof

Soles wore faster

As the rubber is purposefully quite soft, soles wore faster than normal.  Fortunately, it’s easy to re-sole these boots. For durability, you can check out Red Wing Iron Ranger and also check  5 best Redwing boots collection as an alternative

Sole edge a bit wider

1907 is using a different welting process, and this makes the sole edge a bit wider

Shoelace is  short

Its shoelace is pretty short. It is long enough to tie, but don’t make a huge loop that will drag on the floor like with other shoes

Don’t have any insoles

These boots don’t have any insoles. Luckily only 1907 boot last is done to make room for an insole, for others, you will need to size up to make room for one.

So you can order insole from  Redwing and ensure that the insoles are thin; otherwise, your feet will lose circulation. Wear them for about two months before actually getting the insoles

Warning- Boot Oil darkens this boot considerably

The Red Wing Heritage 1907 Moc 6” Boot have expertly crafted comfort boots that are also reasonably water-resistant. They are designed for long distance walking and keeping your feet warm and dry. They are made primarily of leather and have a rubber sole to help in slippery conditions.

They are soft toed and do not have metal plating and so I would not recommend using them when working with dangerous machinery or chemicals.

They provide excellent ankle support for traveling over uneven terrains as they have secure lacing up which helps keep your feet and ankle in place. Keep in mind that this ankle protection is not sufficient to ride on the motorcycle. If you need motorcycle boots go for the specialized motorcycle boots.They also have the classic moccasin toe that people associate with the Red Wing Heritage brand.

Do you find it tedious to read all of this review material? If so, the video below is for you. Take a seat and enjoy the Red Wing 1907 review.

Compatible sector

Which Sector are these boots optimum for?

Extra grippy sole ensures stability even on slippery surfaces and is waterproof to prevent boiling water hurting your feet

Comfortable and supportive on all terrain types so can be worn for extended times outdoor without causing any damage to your foot


Foot Protection Performance

Toe Impact Rating: N/A
Metatarsal Protection: No
Puncture/Penetration of Footwear Bottoms: No
Midsole penetration protection: Tough leather but no metal protection.
Electric Shock: Does not protect as qualified by ASTM standards
Electrical conduction: Does not conduct
Static Dissipation / Antistatic Protection: No
Dielectric Insulation: Rubber sole
Energy Absorption: No
Water Resistant Upper (WRU): Water resistant
Heat Resistant (HRO): Not able to withstand intense heats
Insulation Against Cold (Cl): Insulates against fairly cold conditions but not ASTM Standard
Insulation Against Heat (Hl): Insulates against fairly hot conditions but not ASTM Standard

Other considerations

Other Considerations

Slip Resistant – Rubber base that creates lots of friction, stopping you from slipping
Ankle Protection – Supportive lace design that ensures foot and ankle are tightly strapped in and supported.
Chemical Permeability – Can block minor chemicals but is not approved by ASTM so they are not recommended for use.
Biological Agents – These shoes are expensive and not disposable

Best Fit

Best Fit

Upper – Leather
Lining – leather lining
Toe area – Toe shape with plenty of space for free movement
Insole – removable leather insole which conforms to your foot shape
Heel – height 1”
Sole – Rubber
Fastenings – Lace up

cost vs quality

Cost over Quality

These shoes are priced between $239.49 – $338.94 and so these are on a more expensive range of the scale. I think this is because you are buying into an iconic brand which can be clearly distinguished by the moccasin toe.

The quality of the leather is good and reasonably water resistant. These shoes are good for hiking and walking long distances as they are designed for comfort.

They do not come with many practical protection features and so would not be suitable in most dangerous work places.

Footwear for health conditions

Meeting the needs of the workforce

Diabetics: Not advisable for Diabetics to wear any kind of safety shoe which isn’t specifically crafted
Arthritis: Good because of additional comfortable soles
Plantar Fasciitis: Good shape to support feet
Wide Feet: Does not really offer wide feet options on amazon

Comfort Factor

Comfort Factor

They are very comfortable with a leather insole on them that add extra support and comfort. They also have a supportive

They also have a supportive lace-up system that means your foot remains securely in place and does not rub with the shoe, causing blisters.

Over time, the leather insole melds into your foot shape providing the optimum comfortability for each individual user.


Red wing 1907 care

If you need conditioning boots that are exposed to rain, snow or mud, you can apply any shoe care products. For waterproofing, you can use  Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP 4oz though it tends to darken the leather to which its applied.

However, for any oil tanned leather boots you can take care as it was shown in the following video

Here is the detail of Red Wing boots care  

Red wing 1907 vs 875

Red wing 1907 vs 875

1. Difference on lather

Red wing 1907  is basically the 875 but in a higher quality leather/rawhide laces.

2. More rugged-looking

The Red wing 1907s are more rugged-looking than 875.

3. Different last

Red wing 875 and 8131 are on the same last, with the same welt construction. On the other hand 1907, has a different last with Norwegian Welt construction

4. Difference on sole

Redwing 875 version has the vibram sole where 1907 maintains the original soft outsole

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