Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boots Review

8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #5 in category Reviews
8.8Expert Score
Multishox Raider Contour Welt Work Boots

Quality and durability appear to be really good, and they are pleasing to the eye. Highly recommend for work boot without steel toe

Cost vs Quality
  • Anti-Slip
  • Cushioned collar
  • Compression pads for shock absorption
  • Wave mesh lining, breathable Abrasion proof can handle wear and tear without falling apart.
  • Top eyelets (hole for putting lace through) Might break
  • Only one color/design
  • Sizes run small
  • Sometimes boot creases around balls of feet.

Today we will  review Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot. Most people are opting for hybrid boots that are in style today, they are not shoes, nor are they boots, they are the in between

Feature of the wolverine raider boots

Feature of the wolverine raider boots


Rugged and ruthless

While rough and tough looking, the boot is still very flexible and bends to mimic the movement of a regular sports shoe. The Raider boots are leather and provide firm footing on the ground; it has super traction on slippery floors because of its rubber sole.


Leather boots

The Raider boots are leather and provide firm footing on the ground, it has super traction on slippery floors because of its rubber sole.



Since these boots are usually leather, they are waterproof up to an extent, meaning they won’t get wet in snow or rain.


Cushioned collar

Its cushioned collar will prevent scraping and discomfort for your ankle and above your ankle.



The boot has a slip, oil, and abrasion resistant outsole. It’s engineered for oil sites or wet places. It won’t wear away either, and the sole is abrasion proof. The boots have a thick fitted sole, if you step on something sharp, it will not penetrate your foot, the worst it might do is go half an inch into the shoe, be cautious while around the sharp material.


Compression pads

The compression pads on the bottom of the boot absorb shock and return energy. Your feet will not tire of being a force to endure all movement; the boots will absorb the shock.


Comfortable & breathable

Wave mesh lining in the boot lets your feet breathe. Also, these boots provide comfort for people who need to continuously or often crouch or kneel.

What Professions Would Be Appropriate For?

What Professions Would Wolverine Men’s W02421
Be Appropriate For?

  • Agriculture, especially around farms and in mud areas
  • Construction, however, caution is advised since this is not a steel toe boot, only wear these for light construction
  • Plumbers
  • Lumberjacks
  • Delivery person
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Casual wear

Boot Performance

Boot Performance

Toe Compression Rating: 9/10

Toe compression is a rating of how much the toe is compressed on a given shoe. This shoe has a high rating.

Metatarsal Protection: 9/10

This area is protected by the sole, but it is still flexible while walking

Puncture/Penetration of Footwear Bottoms: 5/10

Since it’s rubber, something like a nail can penetrate the sole. However it should not penetrate all the way to the bottom of your foot

Midsole penetration protection (P): 5/10

Like the previous, make sure that you don’t step around sharp objects

Electric Shock: 3/10

Not made for absorbing electrical shock, but it will stand up against it a little

Energy Absorption (E): 10/10

Each step will absorb energy due to the soles, it will feel smooth walking in these

Water Resistant Upper (WRU): 9/10

This boot is very waterproof, the lining stitches the soles along with the upper portion of the boot, so no water can get inside, and since it’s premium leather, you have an almost waterproof boot

Insulation against Cold (CI): 6/10

This is not a winter boot any means, it is soft and cushioned but it does not preserve heat, it should still be relatively warm)

Insulation against heat (HI): 4/10

This shoe is not meant to cool the foot or reduce heat being directed to it

Other Considerations

Other Considerations

Slip resistance

The slip resistance on this boot would be an 8/10 since it is rubber, it should not slide easily and should catch the floor, however, if it is highly viscose with oil or things like oil, the slip resistance won’t be useful.

Not for snow or ice

These boots are not for snow or ice. Most likely these boots will have trouble balancing on icy areas. People that live farther north or individuals who are considering purchasing these boots for winter should think otherwise.

Made for the rough tread

These boots are made for the rough tread and can keep up with wear and tear of a hard workers’ life. For instance, like a plumber, regular walking kneeling, and bending over will cause discomfort without the right shoes, but with these shoes, you won’t hate having to walk around at your job.

The ankle protection is sub-standard, it works, the cushioning and softness is something you’d see on luxury boots, but this boot may irritate or otherwise hurt your ankle, or surrounding area is it is not bound tightly, and if its bound too tightly then it will irritate your skin

Health Issues

Health Issues

Diabetes or arthritis

If you have diabetes or arthritis, then it Is recommended to insert your custom sole. Once you receive your boots, take out the soles, although they will not hurt you in any way, to provide even more comfort, you want to place your custom-made insoles for your feet if you have arthritis.

If you have diabetes, many online products and companies that specialize in footwear or insoles for people with diabetes. Give your due diligence and consult your doctor.

Wide feet

If you have wide feet, then you don’t need to worry. These boots can be loosened or tightened around the bottom foot area, a little above the toes so that you can give space for your feet. Also, these boots can be broken into, so your wide feet will break into them, and it will be fine to wear them after the break in period.

In between break-in period, however, some users may face difficulty or a feeling that the shoe is too narrow, this is not the case. The shoe has just not adapted to your feet yet. You will want to wear them as much as you can, practice normal movement in them. Wear them to the mall or groceries, if you can, wear them to work.

Return and Exchange

Return and Exchange

If even after you have broken into them and you are experiencing problems, or in general, there are some problems not mentioned here, you will want to contact the seller and figure out what the problem is, you may be eligible for a refund or an exchange

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