Timberland PRO Mens 6 inch Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

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Timberland Pit Boss Review

Cost vs Quality

Over the years, discovering the most suitable boots for use in the construction sector has always been a challenge. The gap is now filled with the introduction of the Timberland Pro series.

The best boot ever manufactured for professionals in the working sector is the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot. The boots offer everything those engaged in the traditional construction are looking for.

It offers the best in terms of comfort and safety. Irrespective of the type of work that you do in the construction industry, whether it is for road construction, building construction, or any other type of job that demands additional protection, this is the best work boots.

The boot is such popular that we have listed it in the list of top ten steel toe work boots for use in the construction industry. If you are in the construction class, and you are looking for the most comfortable and protective boots, you have to opt for the Timberland Pro Men’s work boots.

Some of the features that make the boots great

Solid construction

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot is fitted with a steel toe. This meets the strictest ANSI safety requirements. The boots are very comfortable to wear, as they make for a roomier toe box. Moreover, the boots provide protection against electrical shocks and hazards in the workplace.


The boots have other protective features apart from the steel toe. They are designed with oil, slip, as well as abrasion resistant outsole. This is great because it equally provides electrical hazard protection. This is good for those engaged in the open circuit such as HVAC technicians and other electricians.


This boots has been rated the most comfortable and that is because of the suspension system put in place by its manufacturers. This suspension system is active always, and because of that, you cannot be tired because of the boots.

Furthermore, it is fitted with a removable sock liner, as well as padded collar guards against rubbing. In addition to that, it is fitted with shock diffusion system plate. This is great because it disperses pressure right from the impact, and provides support and stabilizes the foot as well.

You cannot experience odors with the boots and that is because it has a breathable linear, and was treated using antimicrobial applications. This is why it is able to prevent odors.


Another feature that makes the boots great is the fact that it is durable. It was intended to last for a long time, and that is why the manufacturers deployed the most superior materials in producing it.

It was constructed with a strong and lasting chemical bond, and this connects its outsole with the Nubian leather booth.


To enjoy the best of the boot, it is recommended that you apply a water resistant application before you begin to use it. This is because it is not waterproofed.

You are not going to encounter any difficulty using the boots because of the additional safety features put in place. You can use it safely in different kinds of work environment such as road construction, auto shop, and other kinds of construction work.6Material

If you want to assess the quality of any shoe, consider the type of materials used in construction of such boots. After reviewing Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot, it is clear that it is constructed from the highest quality raw materials available in the industry.

It is constructed using such superior materials like heat resistant rubber, nylon shock diffusion plate, cambrelle fabric lining, as well as polyurethane midsole and nubuck leather and so on. This is why it is the most durable construction boots available in the market today.


The look of the boots is great. It is remarkably different from the traditional construction boots, and you can notice the differences in their design. To ensure that boots facilitate easy movement, it does away with the usual high neck design, which traditional construction boots are known for over the years. It has an ankle length feature and this enhances the looks and makes it the most comfortable boots that you can lay your hands in the construction industry today.

The stitch

The finishing of the shoe is another thing that makes it remarkably different from the usual construction boots. It was stitched using the most durable materials, and this makes it suitable for the type of work you do with it.

The stitching system is quite remarkable. It uses two by four reinforced stitching system, and this ensures that the sole and leather of the shoe are well joined. This does not only make the boots durable, it makes them suitable for different work environments.

The reinforced stitching system is great because it makes for different things. It ensures the distress is well distributed in the boots. It provides additional support if the original stitches go away.

The shoe weight

One of the major shortfalls in different work boots out there on the market is the issue of weight. This is not an issue with this shoe. You cannot experience any burden using the boots because it is designed with the finest lightweight materials. This can be found in both the sole and the body and this does away with the traditional heavy materials used in the traditional construction boots.

The weight is significantly reduced and because of that, you can use the boots for various kinds of construction projects.

The shoe sole

The sole is remarkably different from what you obtain in the traditional construction boots industry. The shoe makes use of rubber based insoles, and this is great because it makes the foot to rest comfortably in the boots. Because of that, it can facilitate easy movement.

Furthermore, it is fitted with nylon based shock diffusion plate and this can serve as an arch of the foot cushion. This is significant because it helps minimize pains and helps the foot to relax very well. As said earlier, it is fitted with an antimicrobial lining and this prevents germs and bacteria from growing on the boots.


You have seen that this is a great boots by all standards. This does not mean that it does not have a few shortcomings. Here are some of the drawbacks:

For additional comfort, you can purchase more insoles.

Moreover, the hardware and metal rings do pinch when you do not wear it with sucks.

The heel lining wears faster than other parts.

Final word

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 inches steel Toe Book is a great boots. It comes with the needed safety and comfort features. It is durable and convenient to use. It is the best of its kind on the market today. It is highly recommended.

Timberland PRO Mens 6 inch Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot
Timberland PRO Mens 6 inch Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

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