Thorogood Mens American Heritage 6 inch Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood Mens American Heritage 6 inch Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Toe Boot
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Thorogood Boots Review: Excellent Comfort

Thorogood boot comes with a non-safety soft toe, offering comfort to your toes while its lightness, spares your feet from getting tired

  • Slip resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Electric hazard resistant
  • Non-safety soft toe
  • Not water proof

It’s a made in USA boot

Thorogood Men’s American boot, made from a rich Tobacco colored oil-tanned leather construction and contrasting stitching. The boot comes with a non-safety soft toe, offering comfort to your toes while its lightness, spares your feet from getting tired. This is one of the most comfortable work boots selected by our team.

Its’ slip resistant

An electric shock and slip resistant sole are easily repairable since it’s incredibly soft and subtle making it easy to walk on just any surface without the fear of falling.

Ankle support

To add to the shoe’s comfort, the boot comes with an extra ankle upper, to protect the ankles from knocks of falling object in the work environment.


A secure and adjustable lacing feature ensures that the boot fits perfectly to your feet while displaying the superior artisanship in designing a comfortable and durable footwear. You can enjoy the following video to know about alternate lacing

Type of workers

Male workers in the engineering sector, especially in power firms, commonly wear the boot.

Foot Protection Performance

Thorogood boot is a soft toe coming with labels on the inside, confirming the rating standards according to the requirements set by ASTM. Any customer can easily identify the following standards in the soft toe boot;

ASTM F2892-11 Safety Standard Passed and Tested Outsole

The boot is designed with a non-slip outsole, making it a perfect footwear for men working in environments where thick liquids could cause slippery surfaces.

Electric Hazard (EH)

The boot has an electric shock resisting sole and heel capable of withstanding an application of 18 kilovolts at 60 Hz for 1 minute with no current flow or leakage current in excess of 3.0 milliamperes under dry conditions.

Puncture Resistance (PR)

Thorogood boot comes with an outer sole capable of withstanding a force load of less than 270 pounds per foot.

Midsole Penetration Protection (P)

The Poron 4000 midsole protection guards against external objects that may penetrate into the shoe from below. Additionally, the sole provides the most flexible and lightest cover on the foot to make it one of the best lightweight work boots

Overall Construction

The Goodyear Welt construction makes it easy for anyone to push this shoe to the limits and still gain from its durability.

Ideal shaft height

The boots 6.25-inch height is ideal for all your industrial needs. They support your ankle while giving your lower leg protection against dangers like knocks and splashes as you go around your work. You will remain comfortable if you work in longer shifts, wearing the same pair of shoes.

Full leather product

Thorogood gives wearers a full leather boot. There is no combination of any other material hence so you can enjoy protection all around your foot.

Soft Toe

The boots front construction is soft, allowing the toe to bend easier and move more naturally with your foot.

Composite Fiberglass shanks

The Thorogood boots use light fiberglass shanks that are resistance to magnetic attraction.

Thorogood MaxWear Wedge Outsole

The new non-heel outsole sets out this shoe out for a variety of outdoor activities for example construction, landscaping and farming activities. Its shallow pattern and large toe and heel pads offer maximum surface traction. The shallow lug depth lowers the buildup of dirt on the sole.


Thorogood boots deliver superior comfort hence earning a rating of world’s most comfortable footwear. The soft cotton drill vamp-lining interior and a removable dual density, shock absorbing insole play part in increasing the shoes comfort.

An exclusive Thorogood polyurethane compound offers the much desired cushioning and traction on a number of environments and temperatures.

Most carpenters, electricians, farmers and landscapers prefer this zigzag MaxWear outsole for its excellent performance when it comes to walking on uneven surfaces. All these features absorb shock with each step you take. Here, energy used in moving around is returned as your foot lifts, promoting a ‘spring in your step’ feeling.

Best Fit

Fit is crucial when it comes to wearing the Thorogood boot if you spend long hours in it. This boot fits men with normal, wide and narrow feet.

Additionally, its rugged metal eyelets and clamshell lacing play part in securing the foot in the shoe. The plastic aglets on Thorogood bootlaces make it an interesting exercise to put them through the metal eyelets of the boot.
They also prevent the lace ends from fraying and easy to hold. You can easily go about tying the “Bunny Ears” shoe knot on the boot. Thanks to this, one does not have to compromise comfort in the end.


Thorogood pays attention to real needs of men who are likely to encounter heavy spillage from dense liquids such as oils. The boots come with a heavy-duty outer sole, designed to offer wearers the needed grip when he comes across a slippery surface. The zigzag pattern provide extra grip on uneven terrain.

No resole needed on these boots for some years after purchasing and constantly wearing them. The absence of a heel and overall low profile of the sole allows no debris build up on the outer sole while preventing grip alteration.


Thorogood boot comes with a tobacco gladiator oil-tanned leather upper, which easily blends with the superior Goodyear Welt construction. Through this, the boot requires minimal breaking in as it withstands tests of time. Take not that the oil-tanned leather is soft but is durable if taken care of.
Although the boot can withstand anything thrown at it, wearers should avoid pushing the boot over the limits, unnecessarily.

Cost versus Quality

Surprisingly, the excellent construction of this stylish boots using quality leather and rubber make this boot worth every penny. Thorogood has a spat down heel to minimize stress on the entire foot. Its leather is durable, with a smooth finish thanks to clean leather cuts. There is also consistent stitching around the shoe. All these features make this boot a long lasting investment, compared to examining its short-term cost.

In summary, Thorogood boots are an excellent footwear for men in engineering and construction industry such as electricians. Additional safety features, comfort, and durability make these boots a perfect choice for any field. The supreme features make Thorogood one of the most comfortable boots for both a casual moccasin and an excellent industrial shoe.

If you feel more comfortable to watch a video, following Thorogood boots review is made for you

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